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Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Devices.Identity Namespace

The Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Devices.Identity namespace provides a set of APIs for managing devices.

GenerateCertResponseCompletionArgsRepresents the arguments for the GenerateSidCompletion callback.
GenerateSidCompletionArgsRepresents the arguments for GenerateSidCompletion callback.
GetMachineStatusEventArgsRepresents the arguments for the GenerateSidCompletion callback.
GetMachineStatusTypeRepresents the data that is returned from the request to get the identifier.
MachineIdentityExceptionRepresents errors that occur with the Machine Identity Provider.
MachineIdentityManagerRepresents the operations that are used to manage the identities of computers.
MachineIdentityRequestCompletionEventArgsRepresents the arguments for a request completion event.
MachineNotificationRepresents the names that are used for computer notifications.
RenewCertCompletionArgsRepresents the arguments for the GenerateSidCompletion callback.
ReturnClassRepresents the return class for the MachineIdentity Provider.

ErrorCatalogTypeIndicates the type of error from the error catalog.
MachineStatusIndicates the status of a computer.

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