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Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Controls Namespace

The Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Controls namespace provides classes and enumerations in support of several new and customized UI controls.

Additional controls in this API are defined in other namespaces, such as the Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Common.Controls and Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Common.WizardBase namespaces.

AdvancedNumericUpDownRepresents an advanced version of the NumericUpDown control in .NET Framework.
AutoHeightLabelRepresents a label that can grow in height but has a fixed width.
AutoHeightLinkLabelRepresents a link label that can grow in height but has a fixed width.
BorderPanelRepresents a panel that has a BorderStyle property value of FixedSingle and a BackColor property value of White.
ComboTableRepresents a table in which each item is a ComboBox.
CustomComboBoxContains a customized version of a ComboBox.
CustomMessageBoxRepresents a customized version of MessageBox. This type of message box can be used on Windows XP clients.
CustomTargetLabelRepresents a label that can designate another control as its access key target.
DashboardLinkLabelRepresents a dashboard extension of a link label, which contains custom features such as executing the link when the Enter key is pressed, the Spacebar is pressed, or the left mouse button is used.
HorizontalUsageGraphRepresents the usage bar control that is used in the summary page.
LineImplements a line panel that is 1 pixel tall for the purpose of visual separation of the UI elements.
LineBoxRepresents a composite control that contains a label combined with a Line control that extends from it.
RadioTableItemContains the data model for a ComboTable.
SingleSizeBarContains a simple wrapper around HorizontalUsageGraph to create a two-color progress bar similar to a usage bar, without the need to create multiple items.
UnicodeRichTextBoxRepresents a rich text box that contains Unicode text.
WrappingCheckBoxRepresents a check box with an automatic text wrapping capability that resembles a label instead of a button.
WrappingRadioButtonRepresents an option button (also known as a radio button) with an automatic text wrapping capability that resembles a label instead of a button.

ValueAdjustModeDescribes what happens when you programmatically set a value that is out of the valid range. The default value adjustment mode is None.

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