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Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Common.Devices Namespace

The Devices provider is the provider that stores information about the computers registered to the server. It serves as a sink for storing client device related information and provide retrieval interface for that data.

AlertsPropertyRepresents the properties for a health alert.
BackupStatusPropertyRepresents the backup status of the device.
DeviceEventArgsEvent argument for the IDevicesManager interface.
DeviceIdDoesNotExistExceptionRepresents errors that occur when a requested device does not exist in the devices provider.
DeviceInfoRepresents information about a device on the network.
DevicePropertyRepresents the properties of a device.
DevicePropertyFactoryRepresents a factory that is used to create device properties.
DevicesManagerRepresents synchronous and asynchronous operations that are used to interact with the devices provider.
DevicesProviderAccessDeniedExceptionRepresents the errors that occur when the caller does not have permission to perform the operation.
DevicesProviderExceptionRepresents the errors that occur during operation calls to the devices provider.
DevicesProviderNotAvailableExceptionRepresents errors that occur when a connection is not established with the devices provider.
DeviceTypeMismatchedExceptionRepresents errors that occur when the deviceType parameter for ReportDevice or RemoveDevice does not match an existing device in the devices provider.
DeviceTypesRepresents the type information for devices.
GetAllDevicesInfoCompletedEventArgsRepresents the events that are raised when operations are finished from GetAllDevicesInfoAsync.
IdentityStatusPropertyRepresents the properties for the identity status of a device.
OnlineStatusPropertyRepresents the online status properties of the device.
OperatingSystemFamiliesRepresents all of the operating system families that are supported.
OperatingSystemPropertyRepresents the operating system information for the device.
RDPStatusPropertyRepresents the Remote Desktop status properties of a device.
ReadOnlyDeviceInfoCollectionRepresents a ReadOnlyObservableCollection of DeviceInfo objects.
ReportDeviceParametersRepresents a data structure that is used to report information about a device.
ReportOperationCompletedEventArgsRepresents the events that are raised when operations are finished from ReportDevicesAsync, RemoveDeviceAsync, and ReportDevicePropertiesAsync.
StringPropertyRepresents a property that has a string value.

IDevicesEventNotifierRepresents the operations for defining events that notify about the asynchronous completion of operations on the devices provider.

BackupStatusIndicates the status of the backup.
DeviceIdentityStatusIndicates the identity status of the device.
DevicePropertyNameSpecifies the property of the device.
OnlineStatusIndicates the online status of the device.
RDPStatusIndicates the status of Remote Desktop for the device.
SystemTypeIndicates the system type of the operating system.

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