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Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Common Namespace

The Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Common namespace provides numerous interfaces, enumerations, and classes for working with users, mail accounts, shared folders, and various environment settings.

AddUserPropertiesCompletedEventArgsRepresents the arguments for the AddUserPropertiesCompleted event.
AppHelperCollection of helper/support functions
BalloonToolTipRepresents a balloon tooltip.
EmailAccountRepresents the arguments returned by the GetAvailableEmailAccountsCompletedEventArgs class.
GetAllUserRolesCompletedEventArgsRepresents the arguments for the GetAllUserRolesCompleted event.
GetAvailableEmailAccountsCompletedEventArgsRepresents the arguments for the callback of GetAvailableEmailAccountsAsync.
GetUserPropertiesCompletedEventArgsRepresents the arguments for the GetUserPropertiesCompleted event.
GetUserPropertiesCompletedEventArgs2Represents the arguments for the GetUserPropertiesCompleted event.
ImageConversionHelperContains methods to convert an image from one format to another.
InterfaceHelperRepresents a helper class for creating instances of extension interfaces.
LocHelperContains a helper class for managing localized strings.
LogWrapperWraps the WSSG log functionality.
MailboxExtensionConflictExceptionThe exception that is thrown for a conflict that involves a mailbox extension.
MailboxExtensionEventArgsProvides data for the EventHandler event handler to be used with asynchronous methods in the IMailboxExtension interface.
MailboxExtensionExceptionThe exception that is thrown for a mailbox extension.
MailboxExtensionInvalidExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a mailbox extension is not valid.
MailboxExtensionNotFoundExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a mailbox extension cannot be found.
ResourceHandlerContains methods for reading resources from resource-only dynamic-link libraries (DLLs).
ScrollingHelperContains functionality to adjust the scrolling behavior in a control.
ServerSettingsProvides information about the server settings.
SupportedPlatformAttributeRepresents an attribute that is designed to restrict an add-in from running on unsupported or unlicensed platforms. This class cannot be inherited.
TextFormatContains methods that are used to format text.
UserExtensionExceptionException that is thrown when a user extension error occurs.
UserExtensionMethodCompletedEventArgsBase class that provides data for the method completed events of the IUserExtension class.
WindowsServerSolutionsEnvironmentCollection of helper/support functions for the Windows Server Solutions environment.

IFolderPropertyExtensionInterface for extending shared folder property dialog.
IMailboxContains the properties of a mailbox.
IMailboxExtensionExposes methods that are used to extend user mailboxes.
IMiscStringsExtension point for various product strings.
IUserExtensionExtension point for user properties in the product.
IUserExtension2The extension point for user properties in the product.
IUserExtensionErrorRecordRepresents the error record that provides more details about an UserExtensionException.
IUserExtensionPropertiesRepresents the user extension properties for a particular user.
IUserRoleRepresents a user extension property.

LegibleSizeFormatSpecifies the format that is used in some of the LegibleSize methods in the TextFormat class.

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