Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.AzureADIntegration Namespace

Class Description
AzureADBuiltInUIManager Invokes the built-in Azure Active Directory management UI.
AzureADServiceManager Operates on integration, manage user, group, domain and tenant information.
CompanyAddress Represents the contact information of a company.
MSODomain Represents a domain.
MSODomainConfiguration Retrieves information about a domain configuration.
MSODomainUpdatedEventArgs Contains the arguments that are used in the MSODomainUpdated event.
MSOException Represents an error that occurs during application execution.
MSOLicense Represents a service license.
MSOLicenseService Represents the licensing information of a service.
MSOLicenseSubscription Represents a subscription to a license.
MSOLicenseSuit Represents a license suite.
MSOSecurityGroup Represents a security group.
MSOSecurityGroupUpdatedEventArgs Contains the arguments that are used in the SecurityGroupUpdated event.
MSOTenantInformation Represents a Microsoft Online Services tenant.
MSOTenantInformationUpdatedEventArgs Contains the arguments used in the MSOTenantInformationUpdated event.
MSOUser Represents a Microsoft account.
MSOUserUpdatedEventArgs Contains the arguments that are used in the MSOUserUpdated event.

Enumeration Description
MSOConfigureErrorTypes Specifies the error types for the MSOException class.
MSODomainStatusTypes Represents the various domain statuses.
MSODomainTypes Represents the types of domains that are available.
MSOLicenseServiceTypes Gets a service type.

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