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Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Administration.ObjectModel.Adorners Namespace

The Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Administration.ObjectModel.Adorners namespace provides a set of APIs that enables content to be merged with an existing page.

AddinErrorRecordContains error handling details from the Hosted email adaptor.
AddinPageContentContains the page content passed between an adorner and the main form.
AddinTaskExceptionOccurs when an add-in task throws an exception.
FormContentAdornerAdorns a dialog or wizard with UI extensions.
FormExtensionAdornerExtends an existing hosted email add-in UI.
FormPropertyBagUsed to pass data from built-in UI to an adorner.
ListObjectContains the context of a list item from an adorned page. The ListObject provides the object identifier of an item in the list.
ListProviderAdornerThe ListProviderAdorner object is used by an adorned page to enable business object to be loaded. This occurs immediately after the page has loaded its own list.
PageContentAdornerContains page content that can be merged with page content from an existing page. This class can be overridden to return list columns, tasks, and details, which can then be merged with an existing page.
TaskContentAdornerAdorns a dialog or wizard to run additional tasks.

IHostedEmailExtensionIndicates a hosted email extension.

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