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Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.AddinInfrastructure Namespace

The Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.AddinInfrastructure namespace provides a set of APIs for managing add-in packages.

AddInExceptionRepresents errors that occur by using the add-in provider.
AddInManagerRepresents the operations that are performed by the add-in management provider.
AddinNotificationSends and receives notifications when the add-in infrastructure starts or stops an operation.
AddInOperationCompletedEventArgsRepresents the event information for the operation that is related to an add-in package.
BinaryCollectionSpecifies the list of binaries that can be installed.
BinaryFilterSpecifies the computers on which to install an add-in.
BinaryReferenceRepresents the information that is required to install a Windows Installer package on a computer.
ClientInstallFilterSpecifies any client computers where the add-in must be installed.
ConfigRepresents the configuration settings for the add-in provider.
GetAddInsCompletedEventArgsRepresents the event information for the operation that gets the list of installed add-in packages.
OtherBinariesMapSpecifies the list of binaries for an operating system other than the Windows operating system running on client computers.
PackageRepresents the information that is used to describe and install an add-in package.
PackageInfoRepresents information about an add-in that is not contained in a metadata file.
ProgressEventArgsRepresents the event information for the progress of background tasks.

AddInErrorIndicates the types of errors that are reported from the download provider.
AddinNotificationStateIndicates the state of the add-in installation on the client computer.
OSEditionsIndicates the edition of the operating system that applies to the add-in.
UpdateClassificationIndicates the type of updates that can be applied to an add-in package.

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