Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Status Namespace

Windows Mobile 6.5

The Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Status namespace provides classes, delegates, and enumerations that provide access to system properties. You can get and set their values, monitor them, and define programmatic actions to take according to criteria that you define.

ChangeEventArgsArguments used when a Change event occurs.
RegistryStateDefines the state of a registry key (that is, the key name, the names of its values, and the data contained in its values).
StateBaseThe abstract base of a State class. You can use State classes to query system state values, and then be notified when changes occur.
StateExceptionThe exception that is thrown when an attempt to change a registry value fails (that is, when Change Registration fails).
SystemStateGives the ability to get the current value of a system state as well as the ability to be notified when that state changes

ChangeEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the Change event.

ActiveSyncStatusThis enum is used with SystemProperty.ActiveSyncStatus
BatteryLevelThis enum is used with SystemProperty.PowerBatteryStrength
BatteryStateThis enum is used with SystemProperty.PowerBatteryState
StatusComparisonTypeSpecifies the types of comparison operations used in status events.
SystemPropertySpecifies the device-wide system properties