Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Forms Namespace

Windows Mobile 6.5

The Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Forms namespace provides classes for creating custom dialog boxes for choosing contacts, and for selecting pictures.

CameraCaptureDialogGets or sets the still image or video image file name.
ChooseContactDialogDefines the attributes and behaviors of a custom dialog box for choosing Contacts.
SelectPictureDialogDefines attributes and behaviors of a custom dialog box for selecting pictures.

CameraCaptureModeThe CameraCaptureMode enumeration specifies the camera mode used for image capture.
CameraCaptureStillQualityThe CameraCaptureStillQuality enumeration specifies the compression level used for still image capture.
CameraCaptureVideoTypesThe CameraCaptureVideoTypes enumeration defines the purpose of the video.
SortOrderSpecifies the sort order for files appearing in the form.