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IJob.State Property

Updated: December 4, 2013

Gets or sets the state of the job

Namespace:  Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MediaServices.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MediaServices.Client (in Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MediaServices.Client.dll)

ReadOnly Property State As JobState 
Dim instance As IJob 
Dim value As JobState 

value = instance.State

Property Value

Type: Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MediaServices.Client.JobState
The state of the job.

. This is an aggregate of the Tasks state. If one Task fails, this property would be set to Error(4). Valid values are:

Queued = 0

Scheduled = 1

Processing = 2

Finished = 3

Error = 4

Canceled = 5

Canceling = 6

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