DeploymentDiagnosticManager Members

Updated: November 15, 2013

Provides a class for managing the configuration of diagnostic monitors remotely.

The following tables list the members exposed by the DeploymentDiagnosticManager type.

  Name Description
  DeploymentDiagnosticManager Creates a new instance of the DeploymentDiagnosticManager class.

  Name Description
public property static AllowInsecureRemoteConnections This API is obsolete. Specifies that the deployment diagnostic manager may use non-secure (HTTP) connections to communicate with the storage account.

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public methodGetRoleInstanceDiagnosticManagerReturns a RoleInstanceDiagnosticManager for the specified role instance.
public methodGetRoleInstanceDiagnosticManagersForRoleReturns the list of role instance diagnostic managers for the specified role.
public methodGetRoleInstanceIdsForRoleReturns a list of IDs of active role instances that have a diagnostic monitor running.
public methodGetRoleNamesLists the set of roles which have successfully started at least one diagnostic monitor.
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