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Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Diagnostics Namespace

Updated: December 6, 2013

Class Description
BasicLogsBufferConfiguration Represents the configuration of the data buffer used to store information logged by the DiagnosticMonitorTraceListener.
CrashDumps Represents application crash dumps.
DiagnosticDataBufferConfiguration Represents the configuration of a diagnostics data buffer.
DiagnosticMonitor Represents the diagnostic monitor for a role instance in Windows Azure.
DiagnosticMonitorConfiguration Represents the configuration for a set of data buffers for logging and diagnostic information.
DiagnosticMonitorTraceListener Represents the trace listener used for basic Azure logs.
DirectoriesBufferConfiguration Represents the configuration for file-based data buffers, including IIS logs, IIS failed request logs, crash dumps, and custom logs.
DirectoryConfiguration Represents the configuration of a directory to which file-based logs are written.
PerformanceCounterConfiguration Represents the configuration for performance counter data sources.
PerformanceCountersBufferConfiguration Represents the buffer configuration for performance counters.
WindowsEventLogsBufferConfiguration Represents the buffer configuration for Windows event logs.

Enumeration Description
DataBufferName Enumeration of each data buffer type.
LogLevel Enumeration of a standard set of logging levels.

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