ThemeColor Enumeration


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Represents possible color variants for the Microsoft themes.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Windows.Themes
Assembly:  PresentationFramework.Luna (in PresentationFramework.Luna.dll)

public enum ThemeColor

Member nameDescription

Used by the Luna theme; the localized color name is Olive.


Used by the Luna theme; the localized color name is Sliver.


Used by the Luna, Aero, and Classic themes; the localized color name is Blue.

Each theme potentially has multiple color variants, which, presumably, are visually similar but in different colors. Luna, for example, has all three color variants: Homestead, Metallic, and NormalColor. Aero and Royale have NormalColor.

Classic doesn't have a color variant, but instead uses color schemes, including Pumpkin, Rose, and Spruce. A color scheme, unlike a color variant, defines values for each of the colors which make up the system palette as well as certain values for certain metrics like font names and sizes.

.NET Framework
Available since 3.0
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