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SystemParameters2 Class

.NET Framework 4

Contains properties that you can use to query system settings of the non-client area of a window.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Windows.Shell
Assembly:  Microsoft.Windows.Shell (in Microsoft.Windows.Shell.dll)

public class SystemParameters2 : INotifyPropertyChanged

The SystemParameters2 type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberCurrentGets an instance of the SystemParameters2 class.
Public propertyHighContrastGets a value that indicates whether the high contrast feature is being used.
Public propertyIsGlassEnabledGets a value that indicates whether glass window frames are being used.
Public propertySmallIconSizeGets the recommended size, in pixels, of a small icon.
Public propertyUxThemeColorGets the color theme name.
Public propertyUxThemeNameGets the theme name.
Public propertyWindowCaptionButtonsLocationGets a Rect that indicates the default location of the minimize, maximize, and close buttons.
Public propertyWindowCaptionHeightGets the height of the area that contains the minimize, maximize, and close buttons.
Public propertyWindowCornerRadiusGets the degree to which the corners of a window are rounded.
Public propertyWindowGlassBrushGets the brush that paints the glass window frame.
Public propertyWindowGlassColorGets the color that is used to paint the glass window frame.
Public propertyWindowNonClientFrameThicknessGets the size of the non-client area of the window.
Public propertyWindowResizeBorderThicknessGets the size of the resizing border around the window.

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Public eventPropertyChangedOccurs when one of the properties changes.

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.
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