This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Windows.Controls.Ribbon.Primitives Namespace

Visual Studio 2010

Contains types that are used as layout containers in a Microsoft Ribbon for WPF control.

Public classRibbonContextualTabGroupsPanelRepresents an object that arranges contextual tab groups in a Ribbon.
Public classRibbonGalleryCategoriesPanelRepresents a panel that arranges RibbonGalleryCategory objects.
Public classRibbonGalleryItemsPanelRepresents a panel that arranges items in a RibbonGallery.
Public classRibbonGroupItemsPanelRepresents a panel that arranges items in a RibbonGroup.
Public classRibbonGroupsPanelRepresents a panel that arranges the RibbonGroup objects in a RibbonTab.
Public classRibbonMenuItemsPanelRepresents a panel that arranges one or more RibbonMenuItem objects in a Ribbon menu.
Public classRibbonQuickAccessToolBarOverflowPanelRepresents the overflow section of a RibbonQuickAccessToolBarPanel object.
Public classRibbonQuickAccessToolBarPanelRepresents the items host for a RibbonQuickAccessToolBar object.
Public classRibbonScrollButtonVisibilityConverterConverts a scroll bar visibility and scroll position to Visibility values.
Public classRibbonTabHeadersPanelRepresents a panel that supports horizontal scrolling of the tab headers in a Ribbon.
Public classRibbonTabsPanelRepresents a panel that supports horizontal scrolling of tabs in a Ribbon.
Public classRibbonTitlePanelRepresents a panel that arranges the title of the Ribbon.
Public classRibbonWindowSmallIconConverterInfrastructure. Converts an icon to its small size variant if one is available.
Public classStarLayoutInfoContains information about a particular star layout.

Public interfaceIProvideStarLayoutInfoProvides the data needed for the star layout.
Public interfaceIProvideStarLayoutInfoBaseProvides the data needed for the star layout.
Public interfaceISupportStarLayoutRepresents an element that controls the star layout.