This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.Windows.Controls.Ribbon Namespace

Visual Studio 2010

Contains types that are used to create a user interface by using the Microsoft Ribbon for WPF.

Public classRibbonRepresents the root element of a ribbon user interface that hosts a Quick Access Toolbar, Application Menu, and tabs.
Public classRibbonApplicationMenuRepresents an Application Menu that is used in a Ribbon control.
Public classRibbonApplicationMenuItemRepresents a menu item inside a RibbonApplicationMenu control.
Public classRibbonApplicationSplitMenuItemRepresents a menu item inside a RibbonApplicationMenu control that can invoke a command and also display a submenu.
Public classRibbonButtonRepresents a button that is used in a Ribbon control.
Public classRibbonCheckBoxRepresents a check box that is used in a Ribbon control.
Public classRibbonComboBoxRepresents a combo box that is used in a Ribbon control.
Public classRibbonCommandsProvides static access to standard ribbon commands.
Public classRibbonContentPresenterDisplays the content of a ribbon control.
Public classRibbonContextMenuRepresents a menu that is displayed in the context of a particular control.
Public classRibbonContextualTabGroupRepresents a Ribbon tab group that dynamically displays controls that are only relevant in a particular context.
Public classRibbonContextualTabGroupItemsControlRepresents an items control that hosts contextual tab groups in a Ribbon.
Public classRibbonControlRepresents a container for controls in a ribbon.
Public classRibbonControlGroupGroups a set of ribbon controls into a visual and conceptual unit.
Public classRibbonControlLengthConverterConverts instances of various types to and from instances of the RibbonControlLength structure.
Public classRibbonControlServiceRepresents a service that provides properties and methods to control the display and behavior of Ribbon controls.
Public classRibbonControlSizeDefinitionSpecifies information about the size and visibility of the images and label associated with a Ribbon control.
Public classRibbonControlSizeDefinitionCollectionRepresents a collection of RibbonControlSizeDefinition objects.
Public classRibbonDismissPopupEventArgsProvides data for the DismissPopup event.
Public classRibbonFilterMenuButtonRepresents a button that opens a filter menu drop-down in a RibbonGallery.
Public classRibbonGalleryRepresents a menu that displays a set of related items or commands in a visually rich format that can be organized into multiple categorized subsets.
Public classRibbonGalleryCategoryRepresents a group of related items in a RibbonGallery.
Public classRibbonGalleryItemRepresents an individual item of a RibbonGallery that is used in a Ribbon control.
Public classRibbonGroupRepresents a logical group of controls as they appear on a RibbonTab.
Public classRibbonGroupSizeDefinitionSpecifies information about the size of controls in a RibbonGroup and the visual state of the group.
Public classRibbonGroupSizeDefinitionBaseProvides a base class for ribbon group definition types.
Public classRibbonGroupSizeDefinitionBaseCollectionProvides a friendly name for XAML usage of a RibbonGroupSizeDefinition collection.
Public classRibbonGroupTemplateSizeDefinitionProvides a default content template for a RibbonGroup.
Public classRibbonMenuButtonRepresents a button on the ribbon that displays a drop-down menu when clicked.
Public classRibbonMenuItemRepresents a menu item inside a Ribbon menu control.
Public classRibbonQuickAccessToolBarRepresents a ribbon toolbar that is always visible in the window frame to provide access to common commands.
Public classRibbonQuickAccessToolBarCloneEventArgsProvides data for the Clone event.
Public classRibbonRadioButtonRepresents a radio button that is used in a Ribbon control.
Public classRibbonSeparatorRepresents a control that provides a divider and optional label between elements in a Ribbon menu or RibbonGallery.
Public classRibbonSplitButtonRepresents a composite control that has a primary button that responds to a Click event and a secondary button that displays a drop-down list of mutually exclusive values.
Public classRibbonSplitMenuItemRepresents a menu item inside a Ribbon menu that can invoke a command and also display a submenu.
Public classRibbonTabRepresents a tab in a Ribbon.
Public classRibbonTabHeaderRepresents the header of a RibbonTab control.
Public classRibbonTabHeaderItemsControlRepresents an items control that hosts RibbonTabHeader items.
Public classRibbonTextBoxRepresents a text box that is used in a Ribbon control.
Public classRibbonToggleButtonRepresents a toggle button that is used in a Ribbon control.
Public classRibbonToolTipRepresents a control that creates a pop-up window to display information about an element in the Ribbon.
Public classRibbonTwoLineTextRepresents a specialized label that can display its contents on one or two lines, with an optional shape displayed inline with the text.
Public classRibbonWindowRepresents a window that can draw a Ribbon Quick Access Toolbar and contextual tab groups in its border.
Public classStringCollectionConverterConverts strings between a comma separated list and a StringCollection.

Public structureRibbonControlLengthRepresents widths in a RibbonControlSizeDefinition.

Public delegateRibbonDismissPopupEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the DismissPopup attached event of a RibbonControlService.
Public delegateRibbonQuickAccessToolBarCloneEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the Clone attached event of a RibbonQuickAccessToolBar.

Public enumerationRibbonApplicationMenuItemLevelDefines constants that specify the level that a menu item is displayed at in the ribbon Application Menu.
Public enumerationRibbonControlLengthUnitTypeDefines constants that specify how elements in a Ribbon are sized.
Public enumerationRibbonDismissPopupModeDefines constants that specify whether the DismissPopup attached event closes all drop-downs in a chain of drop-downs or only drop-downs that the mouse pointer is not over.
Public enumerationRibbonImageSizeDefines constants that specify how images are shown on Ribbon controls.
Public enumerationRibbonSplitButtonLabelPositionProvides values that indicate the position of the label of a RibbonSplitButton.