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Microsoft.Windows.Controls Namespace

.NET Framework 4

Contains types that are used internally by the controls in the Microsoft Ribbon for WPF.

Public classActivatingKeyTipEventArgsProvides data for the ActivatingKeyTip event.
Public classItemContainerTemplateProvides the template for producing a container for an ItemsControl object.
Public classItemContainerTemplateKeyProvides a resource key for an ItemContainerTemplate object.
Public classItemContainerTemplateSelectorEnables you to select an ItemContainerTemplate for each item within an ItemsControl.
Public classKeyTipAccessedEventArgsProvides data for the KeyTipAccessed event.
Public classKeyTipControlRepresents the control used inside the KeyTip.
Public classKeyTipServiceRepresents a service that provides properties, methods, and events to enable and manage KeyTips in WPF Ribbon controls.

Public delegateActivatingKeyTipEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the ActivatingKeyTip attached event of a KeyTipService.
Public delegateKeyTipAccessedEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the KeyTipAccessed attached event of a KeyTipService.

Public enumerationKeyTipHorizontalPlacementSpecifies the values for the horizontal placement of the KeyTip relative to its placement target.
Public enumerationKeyTipVerticalPlacementSpecifies the values for the vertical placement of the KeyTip relative to its placement target.
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