IEditorSettings Interface

Applies to v2.

Represents an interface of editor settings.

Namespace:  Microsoft.WebMatrix.Extensibility.Editor
Assembly:  Microsoft.WebMatrix.Extensibility (in Microsoft.WebMatrix.Extensibility.dll)

public interface IEditorSettings

The IEditorSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAddQuotesToHtmlAttributesGets or sets whether to add quotes to HTML attribute values in HTML formatting.
Public propertyAutoFormatCodeGets or sets whether to auto-format code as you type.
Public propertyBracePositionOnNewLineCSharpGets or sets whether to brace position in C#.
Public propertyBracePositionOnNewLineCssGets or sets whether to brace position in CSS.
Public propertyBracePositionOnNewLineJScriptGets or sets whether to brace position in JScript.
Public propertyBracePositionOnNewLinePhpGets or sets whether to brace position in PHP.
Public propertyFontFamilyGets or sets the font family for the settings.
Public propertyFontSizeInPointsGets or sets the font size in points.
Public propertyHighlightWordsGets or sets whether to highlight words.
Public propertyHtmlAttributesOnSeparateLinesGets or sets whether to place HTML element attributes on separate lines.
Public propertyInsertBracesGets or sets whether to insert matching braces and quotes.
Public propertyInsertClosingTagsGets or sets whether to insert closing tags in HTML and XML.
Public propertyInsertSpacesForTabsGets or sets whether spaces are inserted for tabs.
Public propertyLineNumbersEnabledGets or sets whether line numbers are enabled.
Public propertySearchAsYouTypeGets or sets whether the editor allows searching as you type.
Public propertyShowWhiteSpacesGets or sets whether whitespace is shown.
Public propertySurfaceBackgroundBrushGets or sets the surface background brush.
Public propertyTabSizeGets or sets the tab size.
Public propertyValidationEnabledGets or sets whether to enable validation.
Public propertyWordWrapEnabledGets or sets whether word wrap is enabled.

Public methodGetCustomOptionGets the custom option of the editor.
Public methodGetCustomOptionsGets all custom options.
Public methodSetCustomOptionSets the custom option.