Microsoft.WebMatrix.Extensibility.Editor Namespace

Applies to v2.

The Microsoft.WebMatrix.Extensibility.Editor namespace provides classes for extension editing.

  Class Description
Public class EditorContextMenuLinkDocItem Represents a link to a document item of the editor context menu.
Public class EditorContextMenuSeparator Represents the separator in the editor context menu.
Public class EditorEventArgs Provides data for the events for the editor.
Public class FileEventArgs Represents information associated with file events.
Public class FormatData Represents a class that stores format data.
Public class SettingChangedEventArgs Provides keys used in the SettingChanged event.
Public class Theme Represents the theme used in the editor.
Public class ThemeKeys Specifies an enumeration that exposes theme keys.
Public class VSConstants_Ids Represents the Visual Studio constant identifiers.
Public class XmlDocExtensions Represents a class that contains extensions for [T:System.Xml.XmlDocument.].

  Interface Description
Public interface ICustomEditorFactory Represents a class used to create a custom editor (e.g. binary file editor).
Public interface IEditor Represents a generic editor interface.
Public interface IEditorContextMenuProvider Provides properties and methods used to define context menu items for an editor.
Public interface IEditorSelection Defines the caret, selection, and text insertion in an editor typically available through the ServiceProvider on the IEditorText interface.
Public interface IEditorSettings Represents an interface of editor settings.
Public interface IEditorSettingsProvider Provides properties for an editor settings provider.
Public interface IEditorTaskPanelService Allows adding tabs to the bottom of the editor page.
Public interface IEditorText Represents a text service on a typical IEditor.
Public interface IExtensibilityEditorFactory Represents a base interface for extending the editor, base factory is just a marker interface.
Public interface IExtensibilityEditorFactoryProvider Represents the MEF Export for editor factory provider.
Public interface IExtensibilityEditorFactoryProviderMetadata Represents the MEF Metadata export descriptor.
Public interface IFileTableService Represents an interface for the file table services.
Public interface IFileTypeManagementService Defines methods for a file type management service.
Public interface IFileTypeManagementServiceProvider Represents an interface for a file type management service provider.
Public interface ITextEditorFactory Represents a text factory interface.
Public interface ITheme Represents an interface for an editor theme.
Public interface IThemeManager Represents an interface for managing editor themes.
Public interface IThemeManagerServiceProvider Represents an interface for a theme manager service provider.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate SettingChangedEventHandler Represents a SettingChanged event handler.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration SaveFileResult Specifies an enumeration of save result.
Public enumeration VSConstants_Ids.VSStd2KCmdID Enumerates the set of the standard, shared editor commands in StandardCommandSet2k.