Microsoft.Web.PlatformInstaller Namespace

IIS 7.0

Provides programmatic access to the Web Platform Installer.

The Microsoft Web Platform Installer provides a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The classes in the Microsoft.Web.PlatformInstaller provide programmatic access to the Web Platform Installer user interface, packages, installers, and associated feeds, group, and other objects.

The pages in this section are intended to serve as a reference to the types and type members associated with the Web Platform Installer.

Public classDeclaredParameterRepresents a named parameter to an Web Deployment package.
Public classFeedRepresents a Web Platform Installer feed.
Public classGroupRepresents a group of products.
Public classGroupTabRepresents a graphical user interface tab for a group of products.
Public classInstallCommandRepresents a single command in an installation package.
Public classInstallerRepresents an installation action for a given product.
Public classInstallerContextRepresents the context for a given installer.
Public classInstallerFileRepresents an installer file.
Public classInstallManagerManages the installation configuration and installation process.
Public classInstallReturnCodeRepresents the status returned by an installation action.
Public classInstallStatusEventArgsRepresents an event argument provided when an installation status event is fired.
Public classKeywordRepresents a keyword for the web platform installer.
Public classKeywordTabRepresents a user interface tab that displays products associated with a given set of keywords.
Public classLanguageRepresents a language.
Public classLoggingProvides logging and tracing functionality for the Web Platform Installer.
Public classMSDeployPackageRepresents a deployment package that contains configuration needed to install a set of products.
Public classPillarRepresents a top-level product with one or more associated or otherwise recommended products to install.
Public classPillarTabRepresents a user interface tab to manage pillars.
Public classPreferenceSettingsRepresents the user preferences for the Web Platform Installer.
Public classProductRepresents a single product.
Public classProductManagerManages access to product feeds and associated language resources.
Public classQuickStartGroupRepresents a group of products to install to get started quickly.
Public classRelatedProductRepresents a product that is related to another product.
Public classTabRepresents a base class for Web Platform Installer tabs.
Public classTermsRepresents the terms that dictate the use of the software to be installed by Web Platform Installer.
Public classUpdateAvailableEventArgsRepresents an event fired when an installer update is available.

Public enumerationArchitectureRepresents an enumeration of instruction set architectures.
Public enumerationDatabaseProviderRepresents an enumeration of database providers supported natively by the Web Platform Installer.
Public enumerationInstallationStateRepresents the various states of an installer.
Public enumerationInstallReturnCodeStatusRepresents the valid return codes from an installation procedure.