LocalScheduler Class

IIS 7.0

Schedules a new IIS Transform Manager job that runs on the local computer.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Web.Media.TransformManager
Assembly:  Microsoft.Web.Media.TransformManager.Common (in Microsoft.Web.Media.TransformManager.Common.dll)

public class LocalScheduler : Scheduler, 

The LocalScheduler type exposes the following members.

Public methodLocalSchedulerInitializes a new instance of the LocalScheduler class.

Public methodCancelJobCancels the specified job. (Overrides Scheduler..::..CancelJob(String).)
Public methodCleanupJobRemoves scheduler artifacts for the specified job. (Overrides Scheduler..::..CleanupJob(String).)
Public methodCleanupWorkFolder (Overrides Scheduler..::..CleanupWorkFolder(String).)
Public methodConnectConnects to the local scheduler. (Overrides Scheduler..::..Connect(String).)
Public methodDispose()()()()Releases all resources that are used by the current instance of the LocalScheduler class. (Overrides Scheduler..::..Dispose()()()().)
Protected methodDispose(Boolean)Releases unmanaged resources and optionally releases managed resources.
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Public methodGetJobCompletionDetailsReturns a report about the specified job. (Overrides Scheduler..::..GetJobCompletionDetails(String).)
Public methodGetJobStatusReturns the status of the specified job. (Overrides Scheduler..::..GetJobStatus(String).)
Public methodGetRunningJobsReturns a list of job instance IDs based on the currently running jobs. (Overrides Scheduler..::..GetRunningJobs()()()().)
Public methodGetTaskChildProcessIdReturns the ID of the child process of a task that is an executable, using the specified job. (Overrides Scheduler..::..GetTaskChildProcessId(String).)
Public methodGetTaskProgressReturns the percentage complete for a job. (Overrides Scheduler..::..GetTaskProgress(String).)
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Public methodInitializeSets the name, priority, and properties for this scheduler instance. (Overrides Scheduler..::..Initialize(String, Credential, String, Int32, Dictionary<(Of <<'(String, String>)>>)).)
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Public methodSetLogWriterSets the Logger object for the local scheduler. (Overrides Scheduler..::..SetLogWriter(Logger).)
Public methodSetTaskChildProcessIdSets the ID of the child process for a task that is an executable by using the specified job and child process. (Overrides Scheduler..::..SetTaskChildProcessId(String, Int32).)
Public methodSetTaskCountSets the task count for the local scheduler by using the specified job and task count. (Overrides Scheduler..::..SetTaskCount(String, Int32).)
Public methodSetTaskIndexSets the index of a task for the local scheduler. (Overrides Scheduler..::..SetTaskIndex(String, Int32).)
Public methodStartJobStarts the specified job using the local scheduler. (Overrides Scheduler..::..StartJob(String).)
Public methodSubmitJobSubmits a job manifest to the local scheduler. (Overrides Scheduler..::..SubmitJob(JobManifest).)
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Public methodUpdateJobProgressUpdates the percentage complete of the specified job. (Overrides Scheduler..::..UpdateJobProgress(String, Int32).)

The local scheduler implements a set of methods for starting, stopping, and reporting progress of a job. The local scheduler uses the Windows Task Scheduler on the local computer to schedule jobs.

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