IMonitoringService Methods

IIS 7.0

The IMonitoringService type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public method CancelJob Cancels a job.
Public method CancelJobById Cancels a job that is represented by the specified job ID.
Public method DeleteJob Deletes all input files, output files, and work item details of a job.
Public method GetCumulativeJobCountByStatus
Public method GetJobCountByStatus Returns the number of jobs in each job state.
Public method GetJobDetails Returns a collection of job details based on the specified filter parameters.
Public method GetJobDetailsById Returns a JobDetails object for a job.
Public method GetJobDetailsByInstanceFileName Returns a collection of JobDetails objects based on the instance file name.
Public method GetJobFiles Returns a list of the files in the folder that is created for this job.
Public method GetJobLogFile Returns the instance log for a job.
Public method GetJobManifest Returns the job manifest that IIS Transform Manager created for a job.
Public method GetRunningJobs Returns a collection of all of the running jobs for all JobDefinition objects.