IMonitoringService Interface

IIS 7.0

Represents an interface that defines how the IIS Transform Manager monitors jobs that are related to a transform process.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Web.Media.TransformManager
Assembly:  Microsoft.Web.Media.TransformManager.ServiceLibrary (in Microsoft.Web.Media.TransformManager.ServiceLibrary.dll)

<ServiceContractAttribute(Namespace := "")> _
Public Interface IMonitoringService
Dim instance As IMonitoringService

The IMonitoringService type exposes the following members.

Public methodCancelJobCancels a job.
Public methodCancelJobByIdCancels a job that is represented by the specified job ID.
Public methodDeleteJobDeletes all input files, output files, and work item details of a job.
Public methodGetCumulativeJobCountByStatus
Public methodGetJobCountByStatusReturns the number of jobs in each job state.
Public methodGetJobDetailsReturns a collection of job details based on the specified filter parameters.
Public methodGetJobDetailsByIdReturns a JobDetails object for a job.
Public methodGetJobDetailsByInstanceFileNameReturns a collection of JobDetails objects based on the instance file name.
Public methodGetJobFilesReturns a list of the files in the folder that is created for this job.
Public methodGetJobLogFileReturns the instance log for a job.
Public methodGetJobManifestReturns the job manifest that IIS Transform Manager created for a job.
Public methodGetRunningJobsReturns a collection of all of the running jobs for all JobDefinition objects.

Local administrative group credentials must be used when using the IMonitoringService type. In addition, the calling application must use an elevated privilege.