Credential Class

Credential Class

IIS 7.0

Provides credentials to run jobs and access resources.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Web.Media.TransformManager
Assembly:  Microsoft.Web.Media.TransformManager.Common (in Microsoft.Web.Media.TransformManager.Common.dll)

public class Credential

The Credential type exposes the following members.

Public methodCredentialInitializes a new instance of the Credential class.

Public propertyDescriptionGets or sets the credential description.
Public propertyDomainGets or sets the credential domain.
Public propertyDomainUserNameGets or sets the credential domain that uses the credential user name.
Public propertyIdGets or sets an internal credential ID.
Public propertyPasswordGets or sets an internal credential password.
Public propertyStatic memberServiceCredentialIdGets the value of the credential GUID that IIS Transform Manager uses to run.
Public propertyUserNameGets or sets a credential user name.

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