ManifestMerge Event

Occurs when the main manifest has been parsed.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Web.Media.SmoothStreaming
Assembly:  Microsoft.Web.Media.SmoothStreaming (in Microsoft.Web.Media.SmoothStreaming.dll)

Public Event ManifestMerge As SmoothStreamingMediaElement..::..ManifestMergeHandler
Dim instance As SmoothStreamingMediaElement
Dim handler As SmoothStreamingMediaElement..::..ManifestMergeHandler

AddHandler instance.ManifestMerge, handler

This event provides the option to merge external manifests with the main manifest.

If errors occur during this event, it throws an exception that will be caught and reported by the SmoothStreamingErrorOccurred event, which will stop playback. For more information, see Manifest Merge (IIS Smooth Streaming).


Supported in: 4