ModuleProvider.GetModuleDefinition Method (IManagementContext)

IIS 7.0

When overridden in a derived class, retrieves the information about the management module that is associated with the module provider.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Web.Management.Server
Assembly:  Microsoft.Web.Management (in Microsoft.Web.Management.dll)

public abstract ModuleDefinition GetModuleDefinition(
	IManagementContext context


Type: Microsoft.Web.Management.Server.IManagementContext

An IManagementContext that represents the calling host's management context.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.Web.Management.Server.ModuleDefinition

The ModuleDefinition object that is associated with the provider.

If the module is not enabled, the return value should be null.

The supplied context can be used to determine whether the module should be enabled.

This method is called once per connection, during the activation of a new connection.

The following example shows how to override the GetModuleDefinition method to return a module definition.

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