WizardPage.ShowHelp Method ()


When overridden in a derived class, provides a mechanism to display the wizard Help file.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Web.Management.Client.Win32
Assembly:  Microsoft.Web.Management (in Microsoft.Web.Management.dll)

protected internal virtual void ShowHelp()

You must override this method to enable the display of the Help file. The base class method throws a System.NotImplementedException. Implementers should call this method to display the contents of the Help file or a hyperlink to the specified URL. Implementers should check the CanShowHelp property to determine whether the user can view Help.

This method enables you to create a custom ShowHelp method.

The following example demonstrates the ShowHelp method. In this example, the ShowHelp method checks the value of the CanShowHelp property to determine whether the Help file can be displayed. If CanShowHelp is true, the Help file is displayed. This code example is part of a larger example provided for the WizardPage class.

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