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Microsoft.Web.Management.Client.Win32 Namespace

IIS 7.0

The Microsoft.Web.Management.Client.Win32 namespace contains user interface (UI) classes for creating Windows Forms. Classes derived from the BaseForm class provide dialog boxes and other UI elements. The IManagementUIService interface provides settings to customize the UI. For more information about Windows Forms, see "Windows Forms" in the MSDN Library at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library.

Public classBaseFormProvides a base class for forms, specifying a service provider and a method that indicates when a form is first activated.
Public classBaseTaskFormDefines a base class for controls on a form.
Public classDialogFormProvides a base class for fixed-size dialog boxes.
Public classListPageListViewRepresents a specialized list view control that provides additional user interface (UI) capabilities.
Public classManagementGroupBoxRepresents a frame around a group of related controls.
Public classManagementPanelRepresents a control that groups a collection of controls.
Public classManagementTabPageRepresents a single tab page in a set of tab pages.
Public classManagementUIColorTableProvides access to each color of the color table for a user interface (UI).
Public classMethodTaskItemProvides a container class for tasks.
Public classModuleDialogPageProvides the user-interface base class for developing an IIS Manager dialog-box extension.
Public classModuleListPageDefines a class that is derived from the ModulePage class and supports searching, filtering, and group modes.
Public classModulePageProvides the user-interface (UI) base class for developing an IIS Manager extension.
Public classModulePropertiesPageProvides a property grid to manage administration settings.
Public classTaskFormProvides the base class for writing a Windows Form for IIS Manager.
Public classTextTaskItemProvides a container class for text and image data.
Public classWaitCursorProvides a convenience class for displaying a wait cursor (typically an hourglass shape) during a lengthy operation.
Public classWizardFormProvides the base class for wizard forms, which contain WizardPage objects.
Public classWizardPageProvides the base class for wizard pages that are shown in a WizardForm object.

Public interfaceIManagementUIServiceEnables a module user interface (UI) to launch Windows Forms.

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