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IControlPanel Methods

IControlPanel Methods

IIS 7.0

The IControlPanel type exposes the following members.

Public methodGetCategoriesRetrieves the set of categories that are registered for the specified category type.
Public methodGetCategoryRetrieves the Home page category of the feature that is associated with the specified category string.
Public methodGetPageRetrieves the feature that has the specified type.
Public methodGetPages(Module)Retrieves the collection of features that are registered in the specified module.
Public methodGetPages(String, String)Retrieves the collection of features that are registered in the specified category.
Public methodRegisterCategoryRegisters a new category of features in the Home page.
Public methodRegisterHomepageRegisters the Home page that is associated with the connection.
Public methodRegisterPage(ModulePageInfo)Registers a new feature with the Home page without categorizing it.
Public methodRegisterPage(String, ModulePageInfo)Registers a new item in a Home page category.

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