Microsoft.Web.Helpers Namespace

Public classAnalyticsGenerates scripts that enable a page to be tracked by Web-based analytic tools such as Google Analytics, Yahoo Marketing Solutions, and StatCounter.
Public classBingProvides search capabilities for a Web page.
Public classFileUploadProvides file uploading capabilities for a Web site.
Public classGamerCardDisplays an Xbox gamer card.
Public classGravatar
Public classLinkShare
Public classPreApplicationStartCode
Public classReCaptchaGenerates a CAPTCHA test that is based on the reCAPTCHA service.
Public classThemesEnables a Web site to change its theme.
Public classTwitterGenerates a script that displays a Twitter feed for a specific user name or search string.
Public classVideoPlays a media file (video or audio) in a Web page.
Public classVirtualPathUtilityBase

Public enumerationGravatarRating
Public enumerationLinkShareSite