DeploymentSyncParameter Class

IIS 7.0

Provides the properties that define a deployment synchronization parameter.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Web.Deployment
Assembly:  Microsoft.Web.Deployment (in Microsoft.Web.Deployment.dll)

public class DeploymentSyncParameter : IEquatable<DeploymentSyncParameter>, 

The DeploymentSyncParameter type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDefaultValueGets the default value of the current parameter.
Public propertyDescriptionGets the description of the current parameter.
Public propertyDescriptions
Public propertyEntriesGets an IEnumerable<DeploymentSyncParameterEntry> interface that references the DeploymentSyncParameterEntry objects in the current parameter.
Public propertyExampleOrDetail
Public propertyFriendlyName
Public propertyFriendlyNames
Public propertyNameGets or sets the name of the current parameter.
Public propertyTags
Public propertyValidation
Public propertyValueGets or sets the value of the current parameter.
Public propertyWellKnownTags

Public methodAddAdds a DeploymentSyncParameterEntry to the underlying list of entries.
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DeploymentSyncParameter objects are named parameters that contain a value, a list of parameter entries, and a description. The parameter entries can be used to match criteria of the provider.

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