IVsaEngine Methods

  Name Description
Public method Close Closes the script engine and releases all resources. If the script engine is currently running, the Reset method is called first.
Public method Compile Causes the script engine to compile the existing source state.
Public method GetOption Gets implementation-specific options for a script engine.
Public method InitNew Provides a notification that the initialization phase is complete and that the script engine is prepared for the addition of IVsaItem objects.
Public method IsValidIdentifier Checks whether the supplied identifier is valid for the script engine.
Public method LoadSourceState Directs the script engine to load source items from their point of persistence, as specified by the host-provided object that implements the IVsaPersistSite interface.
Public method Reset Removes the script engine from the running state and disconnects automatically bound event handlers.
Public method RevokeCache Invalidates the cached assembly for a script engine, as specified by its root moniker.
Public method Run Initiates execution of compiled code in the script engine and binds all event handlers.
Public method SaveCompiledState Saves the compiled state of the script engine; optionally, it also saves debugging information.
Public method SaveSourceState Directs the script engine to persist its source state to the specified IVsaPersistSite object.
Public method SetOption Sets implementation-specific options for a script engine.