This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IVCWizCtlUI Interface

See VCWizCtl for information.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.VsWizard
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.VsWizard (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.VsWizard.dll)

public interface IVCWizCtlUI

The IVCWizCtlUI type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActiveXControlsGets the ActiveX controls registered in the system.
Public propertydteGets the top-level extensibility object.
Public propertyFileTypeLibsGets the type libraries in the specified file.
Public propertyParentKindGets the kind of context object.
Public propertyParentObjectInfrastructure. Microsoft Internal Use Only.
Public propertyProjectObjectInfrastructure. Microsoft Internal Use Only.
Public propertyResourceHelperGets the VCResourceHelper object.
Public propertyTypeLibsGets the type libraries registered in the system.

Public methodAddBuiltOutputAdds an item to the deployed project.
Public methodAddDebugSymbolsAdds debugging symbols to the deployed project.
Public methodAddDeploymentContentAdds an item to the deployed project.
Public methodAddSymbolAdds the specified symbol to the symbol table.
Public methodCanCreateNewProjectAtLocationIndicates whether the new project can be created at the specified location.
Public methodCommandHandlerExistsIndicates whether the specified handler has been implemented.
Public methodConvertAnsiToOEMConverts special extended ANSI characters to OEM characters.
Public methodCppParseTypeStringParses a string containing the C++ variable declaration into its parts (type, name, and initial value).
Public methodCreateGuidCreates a globally unique identifier (GUID) for the specified object.
Public methodCreateWebTargetFolderCreates a target folder for a Web project.
Public methodDatabaseConnectionInfrastructure. Microsoft Internal Use Only.
Public methodDoesFileExistDetermines whether the specified file name exists.
Public methodDoesFileOrDirectoryExistDetermines whether the specified file or directory exists.
Public methodFindSymbolFinds the specified symbol in the symbol table.
Public methodFinishCalled when the user clicks the OK or Cancel button in the wizard HTML to indicate that the user is finished with the wizard.
Public methodFormatGuidFormats the specified globally unique identifier (GUID).
Public methodGenerateNextDefaultProjectNameGenerates a project name based on the specified base name.
Public methodGetActiveXControlTypeLibGets a string containing the type library for the ActiveX control.
Public methodGetAppIDReturns the application ID.
Public methodGetClassCommandHandlerDescGets the command handler object for the specified class and command name.
Public methodGetCodePageFromLCIDGets the appropriate code page based on the supplied language locale ID.
Public methodGetCommandCountGets the number of commands in the specified list.
Public methodGetCommandDocumentationGets the description of the specified command or other text entry in the specified list box.
Public methodGetCommandHandlerStringGets a command handler as a string.
Public methodGetCommandNameGets the name of a command as a string.
Public methodGetComputerNameReturns the name of the computer as a string.
Public methodGetConnectionStringGets the information the database application requires to connect to a data source.
Public methodGetConsumerClassReturns a string containing the consumer class.
Public methodGetDefaultWebTargetFolderReturns the default target folder for the Web project.
Public methodGetDialogControlsAndTypesGets the controls and types from the specified dialog box.
Public methodGetDialogIdsGets the IDs of the project's dialog boxes.
Public methodGetDirectoryViaBrowseDlgGets the specified directory by using the Browse dialog box.
Public methodGetHostLocaleGets the locale of the wizard's user interface.
Public methodGetInstalledLangsGets the language locale IDs from the wizard's templates directory, indicating which language resources are available.
Public methodGetLangAbbrevFromLCIDGets the language abbreviation specified by the language locale ID.
Public methodGetLangFromLCIDGets the language based on the specified language locale ID.
Public methodGetODBCConsumerClassDeclGets the ODBC consumer class declaration.
Public methodGetODBCConsumerClassImplGets the ODBC consumer class implementation.
Public methodGetOpenFileNameViaDlgGets the name of a file to open using a dialog box.
Public methodGetPrimaryLangIdFromLCIDGets the default language from the language locale ID.
Public methodGetProcessNameGets the file name of the current process (devenv.exe).
Public methodGetRemoteMachineFor the specified deployment project, returns the name of a remote machine for the specified configuration.
Public methodGetSubFolderByNameGets a sub folder for web service deployment.
Public methodGetSubLangIdFromLCIDGets a string containing the language identified as the sub language from its language locale ID.
Public methodGetSystemLCIDGets the default language locale ID from the system.
Public methodGetURLViaDlgGet a URL using a dialog box.
Public methodIsSymbolDisabledReturns whether a symbol is disabled.
Public methodIsValidNumericValueDetermines whether a variant is a valid numeric value.
Public methodIsValidProgIDIndicates whether the specified object's program identifier is valid.
Public methodIsWebTierProjectChecks if the specified project is a Visual Studio Deployment of a Web Setup Project.
Public methodLoadInitializes the specified document.
Public methodNavigateNavigates to a page and frame.
Public methodNavigateToCommandHandlerOpens the text editor and places the cursor at the specified handler.
Public methodNextOptionally updates the symbols on the current page, and then navigates the user to the specified wizard page.
Public methodOkCancelAlertDisplays an alert message to the wizard user, requiring the user to click OK to confirm a selected wizard option or Cancel to cancel that option.
Public methodOnHelpCalled by the wizard when the user clicks the Help button to display any HTML Help topics associated with the wizard HTML page.
Public methodPreShowWizardFor future use.
Public methodRemoveSymbolRemoves the specified symbol from the symbol table.
Public methodRenderTemplateRenders the template file for the wizard project.
Public methodRenderTemplateToStringRenders the wizard template file as a string.
Public methodReportErrorDisplays an error to the user and gives the user the option to correct the error and continue using the wizard.
Public methodResumeParsingResumes parsing after a call to SuspendParsing
Public methodSelectDataSourceDisplays a dialog box that allows the user to select the data source to use in a consumer database application.
Public methodSelectODBCDatabaseDisplays a dialog box that allows the user to select the ODBC database for an ODBC consumer application.
Public methodSetDefaultsSets the initial defaults for the wizard symbols.
Public methodSetDeploymentAppMappingsRegisters an application with a web service.
Public methodSetErrorInfoSets error text for the specified item.
Public methodSetRemoteMachineSpecifies the name of a computer (other than your computer) on which you want to debug an application.
Public methodShowWizDisplays the wizard if it has a UI.
Public methodSuspendParsingSuspends parsing in a wizard.
Public methodValidateCLRIdentifierReturns whether a name is a valid CLR identifier.
Public methodValidateCSharpClassNot implemented.
Public methodValidateCSharpFileNot Implemented.
Public methodValidateCSharpIdentifierNot implemented.
Public methodValidateCSharpNamespaceNot implemented.
Public methodWriteToTextFile
Public methodYesNoAlertThis method displays an alert message to the wizard user, requiring the user to click Yes to confirm a selected wizard option or No to cancel that option.