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Important This document may not represent best practices for current development, links to downloads and other resources may no longer be valid. Current recommended version can be found here.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.VsWizard Namespace 

Public class_IDispWizComboEvents_SinkHelperMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public classVCWizCtlClassSee VCWizCtl for information.
Public classVsWizardClassSee VsWizard for information.
Public classWizComboClassControls combo boxes of HTML-based wizards in Visual Studio.

Public interface_IDispWizComboEventsMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_IDispWizComboEvents_EventMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interface_ITypeInfoMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interfaceICoclassInfoThe ICoclassInfo object provides information about the properties of the specified coclass.
Public interfaceICollectionDefines size, enumerators and synchronization methods for all collections.
Public interfaceIControlThe IControl object provides information about the properties of the specified control.
Public interfaceIEnumInfoThe IEnumInfo object provides information about the properties of the specified enumerator.
Public interfaceIFuncInfoThe IFuncInfo interface provides information about the properties of the specified function.
Public interfaceIInterfaceInfoProvides information about the properties of the specified type library's interfaces.
Public interfaceIParamInfoProvides information about the properties of the specified parameters in a function or variable.
Public interfaceITypeCompMicrosoft internal use only.
Public interfaceITypeInfoAllows reading information about objects.
Public interfaceITypeLibProvides methods for accessing a library of type descriptions.
Public interfaceITypeLibInfoProvides information about the properties of the specified type library.
Public interfaceIVarInfoProvides information about the properties of the specified variable.
Public interfaceIVCWizCtlMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public interfaceIVCWizCtlUISee VCWizCtl for information.
Public interfaceIWizComboControls combo boxes of HTML-based wizards in Visual Studio.
Public interfaceVCWizCtlContains properties and methods used to programmatically manipulate custom wizards created for Visual C++ projects. Refer to IVCWizCtlUI for documentation.
Public interfaceVsWizardProvides access to the integrated development environment (IDE) to display the wizard.
Public interfaceWizComboControls combo boxes in HTML-based wizards of Visual Studio.

Public structure__MIDL_IOleAutomationTypes_0005Microsoft Internal Use Only.
Public structure__MIDL_IOleAutomationTypes_0006Microsoft Internal Use Only.
Public structuretagARRAYDESCHolds information about an array.
Public structuretagELEMDESCHolds information about a code element.
Public structuretagFUNCDESCHolds information about a function.
Public structuretagIDLDESCContains information needed for transferring a structure element, parameter, or function return value between processes.
Public structuretagPARAMDESCHolds information about a function parameter.
Public structuretagPARAMDESCEXHolds information about a function parameter.
Public structuretagSAFEARRAYBOUNDRepresents the bounds of one dimension of the array.
Public structuretagTLIBATTRContains information about a type library. Information from this structure is used to identify the type library and to provide national language support for member names.
Public structuretagTYPEATTRContains attributes of an _ITypeInfo interface.
Public structuretagTYPEDESCDescribes the type of a variable, the return type of a function, or the type of a function parameter.
Public structuretagVARDESCDescribes a variable, constant, or data member.

Public delegate_IDispWizComboEvents_ChangeEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.
Public delegate_IDispWizComboEvents_KeyDownEventHandlerMicrosoft Internal Use Only.

Public enumerationeFormatUsed by the FormatGuid method of the IVCWizCtlUI object.
Public enumerationeInterfaceTypeUsed by the IInterfaceInfo object.
Public enumerationeParamAttrUsed by the Attribute property of the IParamInfo object.
Public enumerationtagCALLCONVIdentifies the calling convention used by a member function
Public enumerationtagDESCKINDIdentifies the type description being bound to.
Public enumerationtagFUNCKINDIndicates the kind of function.
Public enumerationtagINVOKEKINDSpecifies how to invoke a function by IDispatch::Invoke.
Public enumerationtagSYSKINDIdentifies the target operating system platform.
Public enumerationtagTYPEKINDSpecifies various types of data and functions.
Public enumerationtagVARKINDDefines how a variable should be marshaled.
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