This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

VSConstants.VSStd97CmdID Enumeration

These constants make some basic menu commands available to managed code.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.dll)

public enum VSStd97CmdID

Member nameDescription
AlignBottomAlign Bottom
AlignHorizontalCentersAlign Horizontal Centers
AlignLeftAlign Left
AlignRightAlign Right
AlignToGridAlign to Grid
AlignTopAlign Top
AlignVerticalCentersAlign Vertical Centers
ArrangeBottomArrange Bottom
ArrangeRightArrange Right
BringForwardBring forward
BringToFrontBring to front
CenterHorizontallyCenter horizontally
CenterVerticallyCenter vertically
CopyCommand id : "Copy".
CutCommand id: "Cut".
DeleteCommand id: "Delete".
FontNameFont Name
FontNameGetListGet Font Name List
FontSizeFont Size
FontSizeGetListGet Font Size List
HorizSpaceConcatenateConcatenate Horizontal Space
HorizSpaceDecreaseDecrease Horizontal Space
HorizSpaceIncreaseIncrease Horizontal Space
HorizSpaceMakeEqualMake Horizontal Space Equal
LockControlsLock Controls
InsertObjectInsert Object
PasteCommand id:"Paste".
PrintCommand id:"Print".
RedoCommand id:"Redo".
MultiLevelRedoMulti Level Redo
SelectAllCommand id:"Select All".
SendBackwardSend Backward
SendToBackSend to Back
ShowTableShow Table
SizeToControlSize to Control
SizeToControlHeightSize to Control Height
SizeToControlWidthSize to Control Width
SizeToFitSize to Fit
SizeToGridSize to Grid
SnapToGridSnap to Grid
TabOrderTab Order
UndoCommand id:"Undo".
MultiLevelUndoMulti Level Undo
VertSpaceConcatenateConcatenate Vertical Space
VertSpaceDecreaseDecrease Vertical Space
VertSpaceIncreaseIncrease Vertical Space
VertSpaceMakeEqualMake Vertical Space Equal
ZoomPercentZoom by Percent
BackColorBack Color
BorderColorBorder Color
BorderDashDotBorder: dash dot
BorderDashDotDotBorder: dash dot dot
BorderDashesBorder: dashes
BorderDotsBorder: dots
BorderShortDashesBorder: short dashes
BorderSolidBorder: solid
BorderSparseDotsBorder: sparse dots
BorderWidth1Border width 1
BorderWidth2Border width 2
BorderWidth3Border width 3
BorderWidth4Border width 4
BorderWidth5Border width 5
BorderWidth6Border width 6
BorderWidthHairlineBorder width Hairline
ForeColorForeground Coler
JustifyCenterCenter Justify
JustifyGeneralJustify General
JustifyLeftLeft Justify
JustifyRightJustify Right
CompDebug1Compile debug 1
CompDebug2Compile debug 2
CompDebug3Compile debug 3
CompDebug4Compile debug 4
CompDebug5Compile debug 5
CompDebug6Compile debug 6
CompDebug7Compile debug 7
CompDebug8Compile debug 8
CompDebug9Compile debug 9
CompDebug10Compile debug 10
CompDebug11Compile debug 11
CompDebug12Compile debug 12
CompDebug13Compile debug 13
CompDebug14Compile debug 14
CompDebug15Compile debug 15
ExistingSchemaEditEdit Existing Schema
FindCommand id:"Find".
GetZoomGet Zoom
QueryOpenDesignOpen Query Designer
QueryOpenNewOpen New Query
SingleTableDesignSingle Table Design
SingleTableNewSingle New Table
ShowGridShow Grid
NewTableNew Table
CollapsedViewCollapsed view
FieldViewView Field
VerifySQLVerify SQL
HideTableHide Table
PrimaryKeyPrimary Key
SaveCommand id:"Save".
SaveAsCommand id:"Save As".
SortAscendingSort in Ascending Order
SortDescendingSort in Descending Order
AppendQueryAppend Query
CrosstabQueryCrosstab query
DeleteQueryDelete Query
MakeTableQueryMake Table Query
SelectQuerySelect by Query
UpdateQueryUpdate Query
ViewCollapsedView Collapsed
ViewFieldListView Field List
ViewKeysView Keys
ViewGridView Grid
InnerJoinInner Join
RightOuterJoinRight Outer Join
LeftOuterJoinLeft Outer Join
FullOuterJoinFull Outer Join
UnionJoinUnion Join
ShowSQLPaneShow SQL Pane
ShowGraphicalPaneShow Graphical Pane
ShowDataPaneShow Data Pane
ShowQBEPaneShow QBE Pane
SelectAllFieldsSelect All Fields
OLEObjectMenuButtonObject Browser command id: Object Menu Button
ObjectVerbList0Object Verb List 0
ObjectVerbList1Object Verb List 1
ObjectVerbList2Object Verb List 2
ObjectVerbList3Object Verb List 3
ObjectVerbList4Object Verb List 4
ObjectVerbList5Object Verb List 5
ObjectVerbList6Object Verb List 6
ObjectVerbList7Object Verb List 7
ObjectVerbList8Object Verb List 8
ObjectVerbList9Object Verb List 9
ConvertObjectConvert object
CustomControlCustom control
CustomizeItemCustomize item
NewPageNew Page
ExpandLinksExpand Links
ExpandImagesExpand Images
ExpandPagesExpand Pages
RefocusDiagramRefocus Diagram
TransitiveClosureTransitive Closure
CenterDiagramCenter diagram
ZoomInZoom In
ZoomOutZoom Out
RemoveFilterRemove Filter
HidePaneHide Pane
DeleteTableDelete Table
DeleteRelationshipDelete Relationship
JoinLeftAllLeft Join All
JoinRightAllRight Join All
AddToOutputAdd selected fields to query output.
OtherQueryChange query type to "other".
GenerateChangeScriptGenerate a change script.
SaveSelectionSave Selection
AutojoinCurrentAutojoin current tables.
AutojoinAlwaysAutojoin Always
EditPageLaunch editor for URL.
ViewLinksLaunch new webscope for URL.
StopStop webscope rendering.
ResumeResume webscope rendering.
FilterDiagramFilter webscope diagram.
ShowAllObjectsShow all objects in webscope diagram.
ShowApplicationsShow Application objects in webscope diagram.
ShowOtherObjectsShow other objects in webscope diagram.
ShowPrimRelationshipsShow primary relationships.
ExpandExpand links.
CollapseCollapse links.
RefreshRefresh webscope diagram.
LayoutLayout webscope diagram.
ShowResourcesShow resource objects in webscope diagram.
InsertHTMLWizardInsert HTML using a Wizard.
ShowDownloadsShow download objects in webscope diagram.
ShowExternalsShow external objects in webscope diagram.
ShowInBoundLinksShow inbound links in webscope diagram.
ShowOutBoundLinksShow outbound links in webscope diagram.
ShowInAndOutBoundLinksShow inbound and outbound links in webscope diagram.
PreviewPreview page.
OpenWithOpen with.
ShowPagesShow HTML pages.
RunQueryRun a query.
ClearQueryClear a query's associated cursor.
RecordFirstGo to first record in set.
RecordLastGo to last record in set.
RecordNextGo to the next record in set.
RecordPreviousGo to previous record in set.
RecordGotoGo to record via dialog.
RecordNewAdd a record to set.
InsertNewMenuInsert menu using menu designer.
InsertSeparatorInsert separator using menu designer.
EditMenuNamesEdit menu names with menu designer.
DebugExplorerDebug explorer
DebugProcessesDebug processes
ViewThreadsWindowView Threads Window
WindowUIListWindow UI List
NewProjectCommand id:"New Project" on File menu.
OpenProjectCommand id:"Open Project" on File menu.
OpenProjectFromWebCommand id:"Open Project From Web" on File menu
OpenSolutionCommand id:"Open Solution" on File menu.
CloseSolutionCommand id for: "Close Solution".
FileNewCommand id:"File New" on File menu.
NewProjectFromExistingCommand id:"New Project From Existing" on File menu.
FileOpenCommand id:"File Open" on File menu.
FileOpenFromWebCommand id:"File Open From Web" on File menu.
FileCloseCommand id:"File Close" on File menu.
SaveSolutionCommand id:"Save Solution" on File menu.
SaveSolutionAsCommand id:"Save Solution As" on File menu.
SaveProjectItemAsCommand id:"Save Project Item As" on File menu.
PageSetupCommand id:"Page Setup" on File menu.
PrintPreviewCommand id:"Print Preview" on File menu.
ExitCommand id:"Exit" on File menu.
ReplaceCommand id:"Replace" on Edit menu.
GotoCommand id:"Go To" on Edit menu.
PropertyPagesCommand id:"Property Pages" on View menu.
FullScreenCommand id:"Full Screen" on View menu.
ProjectExplorerCommand id:"Project Explorer" on View menu.
PropertiesWindowProperties Window
TaskListWindowCommand id:"Task List Window" on View menu.
OutputWindowCommand id:"Output Window" on View menu.
ObjectBrowserCommand id:"Object Browser" on View menu.
DocOutlineWindowCommand id:"Document Outline Window" on View menu.
ImmediateWindowCommand id:"Immediate Window" on View menu.
WatchWindowCommand id:"Watch Window" on View menu.
LocalsWindowCommand id:"Locals Window" on View menu.
CallStackCommand id:"Call Stack" on View menu.
AutosWindowCommand id:"Autos Window" on View menu.
ThisWindowCommand id:"This Window" on View menu.
AddNewItemCommand id:"Add New Item" on Project menu.
AddExistingItemCommand id:"Add Existing Item" on Project menu.
NewFolderCommand id:"New Folder" on Project menu.
SetStartupProjectCommand id:"Set as StartUp Project" on Project menu.
ProjectSettingsCommand id:"Project Settings" on Project menu.
ProjectReferencesCommand id:"Project References" on Project menu.
StepIntoCommand id:"Step Into" on Debug menu.
StepOverCommand id:"Step Over" on Debug menu.
StepOutCommand id:"Step Out" on Debug menu.
RunToCursorCommand id:"Run To Cursor" on Debug menu.
AddWatchCommand id:"Add Watch" on Debug menu.
EditWatchCommand id:"Edit Watch" on Debug menu.
QuickWatchCommand id:"Quick Watch" on Debug menu.
ToggleBreakpointCommand id:"Toggle Breakpoint" on Debug menu.
ClearBreakpointsCommand id for: "Clear Breakpoints" on Debug menu.
ShowBreakpointsCommand id:"Show Breakpoints" on Debug menu.
SetNextStatementCommand id:"Set Next Statement" on Debug menu.
ShowNextStatementCommand id:"Show Next Statement" on Debug menu.
EditBreakpointCommand id:"Edit Breakpoint" on Debug menu.
DetachDebuggerCommand id: "Detach Debugger" on Debug menu.
CustomizeKeyboardCommand id: "Customize Keyboard" on Tools menu.
ToolsOptionsCommand id:"Tools Options" on the Tools menu.
NewWindowCommand id:"New Window" on Window menu.
SplitCommand id:"Split" on Window menu.
CascadeCommand id:"Cascade" on Window menu.
TileHorzCommand id:"Tile Horizontal" on Window menu.
TileVertCommand id:"Tile Vertical" on Window menu.
TechSupportCommand id:"Technical Support" on Help menu.
AboutOpen the About dialog box.
DebugOptionsDebug options
DeleteWatchCommand id: "Delete Watch" on Watch context menu.
CollapseWatchCommand id:"Collapse Watch" on Watch context menu.
PbrsToggleStatusCommand id:"Property Browser Toggle Status" on Property Browser context menu.
PropbrsHideCommand id:"Hide Property Browser" on Property Browser context menu.
DockingViewCommand id: "Docking View" on Docking context menu.
HideActivePaneCommand id:"Hide Active Pane" on Docking context menu.
PaneNextPaneCommand id:"Next Pane" for window selection via keyboard.
PanePrevPaneCommand id:"Previous Pane" for window selection via keyboard.
PaneNextTabCommand id:"Next Tab" for window selection via keyboard.
PanePrevTabCommand id:"Previous Pane" for window selection via keyboard.
PaneCloseToolWindowCommand id:"Close Tool Window Pane" for window selection via keyboard.
PaneActivateDocWindowCommand id:"Activate Document Window Pane" for window selection via keyboard.
DockingViewMDICommand id: "MDI Docking View" for window selection via keyboard.
DockingViewFloaterCommand id: "Dock Floating Window" for window selection via keyboard.
AutoHideWindowCommand id:"Autohide Window" for window selection via keyboard.
MoveToDropdownBarCommand id:"Move to Dropdown Bar" for window selection via keyboard.
FindCmdFind commond
AddinManagerAddin Manager
MultiLevelUndoListMulti Level Undo List
MultiLevelRedoListMulti Level Redo List
ToolboxAddTabAdd Toolbox Tab
ToolboxDeleteTabDelete Toolbox Tab
ToolboxRenameTabRename Toolbox Tab
ToolboxTabMoveUpToolbox Tab Move Up
ToolboxTabMoveDownToolbox Tab Move Down
ToolboxRenameItemRename Toolbox Item
ToolboxListViewToolbox List View
WindowUIGetListGet Window UI List
InsertValuesQueryInsert Values Query
ShowPropertiesShow Properties
ThreadSuspendSuspend Thread
ThreadResumeResume Thread
ThreadSetFocusSet Focus on Thread
DisplayRadixDisplay Radix
OpenProjectItemOpen Project Item
ClearPaneClear pane
GotoErrorTagGo to Error Tag
TaskListSortByCategorySort Task List by Category
TaskListSortByFileLineSort Task List by File Line
TaskListSortByPrioritySort Task List by Priority
TaskListSortByDefaultSortSort Task List by Default Sort Order
TaskListShowTooltipShow Task List Tooltip
TaskListFilterByNothingFilter Task List by Nothing
CancelEZDragCancel drag
TaskListFilterByCategoryCompilerFilter Task List by Compiler Category
TaskListFilterByCategoryCommentFilter Task List by Comment Category
ToolboxAddItemAdd Toolbox Item
ToolboxResetReset Toolbox
SaveProjectItemSave Project Item
SaveOptionsCommand id:"Save Options".
ViewFormView Form
ViewCodeView Code
PreviewInBrowserPreview in Browser
BrowseWithBrowse with
SearchSetComboSearch Set Combo
SearchComboSearch Combo
EditLabelEdit Label
DefineViewsDefine views
ToggleSelModeToggle Selection Mode
ToggleInsModeToggle Insert Mode
LoadUnloadedProjectLoad Unloaded Project
UnloadLoadedProjectUnload Loaded Project
ElasticColumnElastic Column
HideColumnHide Column
TaskListPreviousViewPrevious Task List View
ZoomDialogZoom Dialog
FindHiddenTextCommand id:"Find Hidden Text" in Find/Replace options.
FindMatchCaseCommand id:"Find Matching Case" in Find/Replace options.
FindWholeWordCommand id:"Find Whole Word" in Find/Replace options.
FindSimplePatternCommand id:"Find Simple Pattern" in Find/Replace options.
FindRegularExpressionCommand id:"Find Regular Expression" in Find/Replace options.
FindBackwardsCommand id:"Find Backwards" in Find/Replace options.
FindInSelectionCommand id:"Find in Selection" in Find/Replace options.
FindStopCommand id:"Stop Find" in Find/Replace options.
FindInFilesCommand id:"Find in Files" in Find/Replace options.
ReplaceInFilesReplace in Files
NextLocationCommand id:"Next Location" in Task List, Find in Files results, and so on.
PreviousLocationCommand id:"Previous Location" in Task List, Find in Files results, and so on.
GotoQuickGo to Quick Watch
TaskListNextErrorFilter Task List by Next Error
TaskListPrevErrorFilter Task List by Previous Error
TaskListFilterByCategoryUserFilter Task List by User Category
TaskListFilterByCategoryShortcutFilter Task List by Shortcut Category
TaskListFilterByCategoryHTMLFilter Task List by HTML Category
TaskListFilterByCurrentFileFilter Task List by Current File
TaskListFilterByCheckedFilter Task List by Checked Items
TaskListFilterByUncheckedFilter Task List by Unchecked Items
TaskListSortByDescriptionSort Task List by Description
TaskListSortByCheckedSort Task List by Checked Items
StartNoDebugStart No Debug Build
FindNextFind Next
FindPrevFind Previous
FindSelectedNextFind Next Selected
FindSelectedPrevFind Previous Selected
SearchGetListSearch Get List
InsertBreakpointInsert Breakpoint
EnableBreakpointEnable Breakpoint
F1HelpF1 Help
MoveToNextEZCntrMove to Next Container
UpdateMarkerSpansUpdate Marker Spans
MoveToPreviousEZCntrMove to Previous Container
ProjectPropertiesProject Properties
PropSheetOrPropertiesProperty Sheet or Property Window
TshellStepFor debugging only.
TshellRunFor debugging only.
MarkerCmd0Marker command on the Code Window menu.
MarkerCmd1Marker command on the Code Window menu.
MarkerCmd2Marker command on the Code Window menu.
MarkerCmd3Marker command on the Code Window menu.
MarkerCmd4Marker command on the Code Window menu.
MarkerCmd5Marker command on the Code Window menu.
MarkerCmd6Marker command on the Code Window menu.
MarkerCmd7Marker command on the Code Window menu.
MarkerCmd8Marker command on the Code Window menu.
MarkerCmd9Marker command on the Code Window menu.
MarkerLastMarker command on the Code Window menu.
MarkerEndMarker command on the Code Window menu.
ReloadProjectUser-invoked project reload.
UnloadProjectUser-invoked project unload.
NewBlankSolutionNew Blank Solution
SelectProjectTemplateSelect Project Template
DetachAttachOutlineDocument Outline command.
ShowHideOutlineDocument outline command.
SyncOutlineDocument outline command.
NoCmdsAvailableNo Commands Available
ContextWindowContext window
GotoCommandLineGoto Command Line
EvaluateExpressionEvaluate Expression
ImmediateModeImmediate Mode
EvaluateStatementEvaluate Statement
FindResultWindow1Find Result Window 1
FindResultWindow2Find Result Window 2
RenameBookmarkRename Bookmark
ToggleBookmarkToggle Bookmark
DeleteBookmarkDelete bookmark
BookmarkWindowGoToBookmarkBookmark Window: Go to Bookmark
EnableBookmarkEnable Bookmark
NewBookmarkFolderNew Bookmark Folder
NextBookmarkFolderNext Bookmark Folder
PrevBookmarkFolderPrevious Bookmark Folder
Window1Window 1 menu id.
Window2Window 2 menu id.
Window3Window 3 menu id.
Window4Window 4 menu id.
Window5Window 5 menu id.
Window6Window 6 menu id.
Window7Window 7 menu id.
Window8Window 8 menu id.
Window9Window 9 menu id.
Window10Window 10 menu id.
Window11Window 11 menu id.
Window12Window 12 menu id.
Window13Window 13 menu id.
Window14Window 14 menu id.
Window15Window 15 menu id.
Window16Window 16 menu id.
Window17Window 17 menu id.
Window18Window 18 menu id.
Window19Window 19 menu id.
Window20Window 20 menu id.
Window21Window 21 menu id.
Window22Window 22 menu id.
Window23Window 23 menu id.
Window24Window 24 menu id.
Window25Window 25 menu id.
MoreWindowsWindow menu id.
AutoHideAllWindowsAutohide All Windows
TaskListTaskHelpTask List Task Help
ClassViewClass view
MRUProj1Command id:most recently used project 1
MRUProj2Command id:most recently used project 2
MRUProj3Command id:most recently used project 3
MRUProj4Command id:most recently used project 4
MRUProj5Command id:most recently used project 5
MRUProj6Command id:most recently used project 6
MRUProj7Command id:most recently used project 7
MRUProj8Command id:most recently used project 8
MRUProj9Command id:most recently used project 9
MRUProj10Command id:most recently used project 10
MRUProj11Command id:most recently used project 11
MRUProj12Command id:most recently used project 12
MRUProj13Command id:most recently used project 13
MRUProj14Command id:most recently used project 14
MRUProj15Command id:most recently used project 15
MRUProj16Command id:most recently used project 16
MRUProj17Command id:most recently used project 17
MRUProj18Command id:most recently used project 18
MRUProj19Command id:most recently used project 19
MRUProj20Command id:most recently used project 20
MRUProj21Command id:most recently used project 21
MRUProj22Command id:most recently used project 22
MRUProj23Command id:most recently used project 23
MRUProj24Command id:most recently used project 24
MRUProj25Command id:most recently used project 26
SplitNextSplit Next
SplitPrevSplit Previous
CloseAllDocumentsClose all documents
NextDocumentNext Document
PrevDocumentPrevious Document
Tool1Tool 1
Tool2Tool 2
Tool3Tool 3
Tool4Tool 4
Tool5Tool 5
Tool6Tool 6
Tool7Tool 7
Tool8Tool 8
Tool9Tool 9
Tool10Tool 10
Tool11Tool 11
Tool12Tool 12
Tool13Tool 13
Tool14Tool 14
Tool15Tool 15
Tool16Tool 16
Tool17Tool 17
Tool18Tool 18
Tool19Tool 19
Tool20Tool 20
Tool21Tool 21
Tool22Tool 22
Tool23Tool 23
Tool24Tool 24
ExternalCommandsExternal Commands
PasteNextTBXCBItemPaste Next TBXCB Item
ToolboxShowAllTabsShow All Toolbox Tabs
ProjectDependenciesProject Dependencies
CloseDocumentClose documents
ToolboxSortItemsSort Toolbox Items
SolutionCfgSolution Configuration
SolutionCfgGetListGet Solution Configuration List
ManageIndexesSchema table command: Manage Indexes
ManageRelationshipsSchema table command: Manage Relationships
ManageConstraintsSchema table command: Manage Constraints
TaskListCustomView1Task List Custom View 1
TaskListCustomView2Task List Custom View 2
TaskListCustomView3Task List Custom View 3
TaskListCustomView4Task List Custom View 4
TaskListCustomView5Task List Custom View 5
TaskListCustomView6Task List Custom View 6
TaskListCustomView7Task List Custom View 7
TaskListCustomView8Task List Custom View 8
TaskListCustomView9Task List Custom View 9
TaskListCustomView10Task List Custom View 10
TaskListCustomView11Task List Custom View 11
TaskListCustomView12Task List Custom View 12
TaskListCustomView13Task List Custom View 13
TaskListCustomView14Task List Custom View 14
TaskListCustomView15Task List Custom View 15
TaskListCustomView16Task List Custom View 16
TaskListCustomView17Task List Custom View 17
TaskListCustomView18Task List Custom View 18
TaskListCustomView19Task List Custom View 19
TaskListCustomView20Task List Custom View 20
TaskListCustomView21Task List Custom View 21
TaskListCustomView22Task List Custom View 22
TaskListCustomView23Task List Custom View 23
TaskListCustomView24Task List Custom View 24
TaskListCustomView25Task List Custom View 25
TaskListCustomView26Task List Custom View 26
TaskListCustomView27Task List Custom View 27
TaskListCustomView28Task List Custom View 28
TaskListCustomView29Task List Custom View 29
TaskListCustomView30Task List Custom View 30
TaskListCustomView31Task List Custom View 31
TaskListCustomView32Task List Custom View 32
TaskListCustomView33Task List Custom View 33
TaskListCustomView34Task List Custom View 34
TaskListCustomView35Task List Custom View 35
TaskListCustomView36Task List Custom View 36
TaskListCustomView37Task List Custom View 37
TaskListCustomView38Task List Custom View 38
TaskListCustomView39Task List Custom View 39
TaskListCustomView40Task List Custom View 40
TaskListCustomView41Task List Custom View 41
TaskListCustomView42Task List Custom View 42
TaskListCustomView43Task List Custom View 43
TaskListCustomView44Task List Custom View 44
TaskListCustomView45Task List Custom View 45
TaskListCustomView46Task List Custom View 46
TaskListCustomView47Task List Custom View 47
TaskListCustomView48Task List Custom View 48
TaskListCustomView49Task List Custom View 49
TaskListCustomView50Task List Custom View 50
CommandWindowCommand window
CommandWindowMarkModeCommand window: mark mode
LogCommandWindowLog Command Window
SingleCharSingle Character
ZeroOrMoreZero or More
OneOrMoreSelect One or More
BeginLineBegin Line
EndLineEnd Line
BeginWordBegin Word
EndWordEnd Word
CharInSetCharacter in set
CharNotInSetCharacter not in set
TagExpTag Expression
PatternMatchHelpRegular expression builder context help menu command id: "Pattern Match Help"
RegExListRegular expression builder context help menu command id: "Regular Expression List".
WildZeroOrMoreRegular expression builder wildcard menu command id:
WildSingleCharRegular expression builder wildcard menu command id: "Single Wild Character"
WildSingleDigitRegular expression builder wildcard menu command id: "Wild Single Digit".
WildCharInSetRegular expression builder wildcard menu command id: "Wild Character in Set".
WildCharNotInSetRegular expression builder wildcard menu command id: "Wild Character Not in Set".
FindWhatTextFind What Text
TaggedExp1Tagged Expression 1
TaggedExp2Tagged Expression 2
TaggedExp3Tagged Expression 3
TaggedExp4Tagged Expression 4
TaggedExp5Tagged Expression 5
TaggedExp6Tagged Expression 6
TaggedExp7Tagged Expression 7
TaggedExp8Tagged Expression 8
TaggedExp9Tagged Expression9
EditorWidgetClickEditor Widget Click
SlnCfgMgrSolution Configuration Manager
AddNewProjectAdd New Project
AddExistingProjectAdd an existing project.
AddExistingProjFromWebAdd an existing web project.
AutoHideContext1Autohide Context 1
AutoHideContext2Autohide Context 2
AutoHideContext3Autohide Context 3
AutoHideContext4Autohide Context 4
AutoHideContext5Autohide Context 5
AutoHideContext6Autohide Context 6
AutoHideContext7Autohide Context 7
AutoHideContext8Autohide Context 8
AutoHideContext9Autohide Context 9
AutoHideContext10Autohide Context 10
AutoHideContext11Autohide Context 11
AutoHideContext12Autohide Context 12
AutoHideContext13Autohide Context 13
AutoHideContext14Autohide Context 14
AutoHideContext15Autohide Context 15
AutoHideContext16Autohide Context 16
AutoHideContext17Autohide Context 17
AutoHideContext18Autohide Context 18
AutoHideContext19Autohide Context 19
AutoHideContext20Autohide Context 20
AutoHideContext21Autohide Context 21
AutoHideContext22Autohide Context 22
AutoHideContext23Autohide Context 23
AutoHideContext24Autohide Context 24
AutoHideContext25Autohide Context 25
AutoHideContext26Autohide Context 26
AutoHideContext27Autohide Context 27
AutoHideContext28Autohide Context 28
AutoHideContext29Autohide Context 29
AutoHideContext30Autohide Context 30
AutoHideContext31Autohide Context 31
AutoHideContext32Autohide Context 32
AutoHideContext33Autohide Context 33
ShellNavBackwardShell Navigate Backward
ShellNavForwardShell Navigate Forward
ShellNavigate1Shell Navigate 1
ShellNavigate2Shell Navigate 2
ShellNavigate3Shell Navigate 3
ShellNavigate4Shell Navigate 4
ShellNavigate5Shell Navigate 5
ShellNavigate6Shell Navigate 6
ShellNavigate7Shell Navigate 7
ShellNavigate8Shell Navigate 8
ShellNavigate9Shell Navigate 9
ShellNavigate10Shell Navigate 10
ShellNavigate11Shell Navigate 11
ShellNavigate12Shell Navigate 12
ShellNavigate13Shell Navigate 13
ShellNavigate14Shell Navigate 14
ShellNavigate15Shell Navigate 15
ShellNavigate16Shell Navigate 16
ShellNavigate17Shell Navigate 17
ShellNavigate18Shell Navigate 18
ShellNavigate19Shell Navigate 19
ShellNavigate20Shell Navigate 20
ShellNavigate21Shell Navigate 21
ShellNavigate22Shell Navigate 22
ShellNavigate23Shell Navigate 23
ShellNavigate24Shell Navigate 24
ShellNavigate25Shell Navigate 25
ShellNavigate26Shell Navigate 26
ShellNavigate27Shell Navigate 27
ShellNavigate28Shell Navigate 28
ShellNavigate29Shell Navigate 29
ShellNavigate30Shell Navigate 30
ShellNavigate31Shell Navigate 31
ShellNavigate32Shell Navigate 32
ShellNavigate33Shell Navigate 33
ShellWindowNavigate1Shell Window Navigate 1
ShellWindowNavigate2Shell Window Navigate 2
ShellWindowNavigate3Shell Window Navigate 3
ShellWindowNavigate4Shell Window Navigate 4
ShellWindowNavigate5Shell Window Navigate 5
ShellWindowNavigate6Shell Window Navigate 6
ShellWindowNavigate7Shell Window Navigate 7
ShellWindowNavigate8Shell Window Navigate 8
ShellWindowNavigate9Shell Window Navigate 9
ShellWindowNavigate10Shell Window Navigate 10
ShellWindowNavigate11Shell Window Navigate 11
ShellWindowNavigate12Shell Window Navigate 12
ShellWindowNavigate13Shell Window Navigate 13
ShellWindowNavigate14Shell Window Navigate 14
ShellWindowNavigate15Shell Window Navigate 15
ShellWindowNavigate16Shell Window Navigate 16
ShellWindowNavigate17Shell Window Navigate 17
ShellWindowNavigate18Shell Window Navigate 18
ShellWindowNavigate19Shell Window Navigate 19
ShellWindowNavigate20Shell Window Navigate 20
ShellWindowNavigate21Shell Window Navigate 21
ShellWindowNavigate22Shell Window Navigate 22
ShellWindowNavigate23Shell Window Navigate 23
ShellWindowNavigate24Shell Window Navigate 24
ShellWindowNavigate25Shell Window Navigate 25
ShellWindowNavigate26Shell Window Navigate 26
ShellWindowNavigate27Shell Window Navigate 27
ShellWindowNavigate28Shell Window Navigate 28
ShellWindowNavigate29Shell Window Navigate 29
ShellWindowNavigate30Shell Window Navigate 30
ShellWindowNavigate31Shell Window Navigate 31
ShellWindowNavigate32Shell Window Navigate 32
ShellWindowNavigate33Shell Window Navigate 33
OBSDoFindObject Browser command id: Do Find
OBSMatchCaseObject Browser command id: Match case
OBSMatchSubStringObject Browser command id: Match Substring
OBSMatchWholeWordObject Browser command id: Match Whole Word
OBSMatchPrefixObject Browser command id: Match Prefix
BuildSlnBuild solution
RebuildSlnRebuild Solution.
DeploySlnBuild command: Deploy Solution
CleanSlnBuild command id: Clean Solution
BuildSelBuild selection
RebuildSelRebuild Selection
DeploySelBuild command: Deploy Selection
CleanSelBuild command: Clean Selection
CancelBuildCancel build
BatchBuildDlgBatch Build Dialog
BuildCtxBuild control
RebuildCtxRebuild Control
DeployCtxBuild command: Deploy Control
CleanCtxBuild command: Clean context
QryManageIndexesManage Query Indexes
PrintDefaultCommand id: Print Default (quick print)
BrowseDocBrowse document
ShowStartPageShow Start Page
MRUFile1Command id:most recently used file 1
MRUFile2Command id:most recently used file 2
MRUFile3Command id:most recently used file 3
MRUFile4Command id:most recently used file 4
MRUFile5Command id:most recently used file 5
MRUFile6Command id:most recently used file 6
MRUFile7Command id:most recently used file 7
MRUFile8Command id:most recently used file 8
MRUFile9Command id:most recently used file 9
MRUFile10Command id:most recently used file 10
MRUFile11Command id:most recently used file 11
MRUFile12Command id:most recently used file 12
MRUFile13Command id:most recently used file 13
MRUFile14Command id:most recently used file 14
MRUFile15Command id:most recently used file 15
MRUFile16Command id:most recently used file 16
MRUFile17Command id:most recently used file 17
MRUFile18Command id:most recently used file 18
MRUFile19Command id:most recently used file 19
MRUFile20Command id:most recently used file 20
MRUFile21Command id:most recently used file 21
MRUFile22Command id:most recently used file 22
MRUFile23Command id:most recently used file 23
MRUFile24Command id:most recently used file 24
MRUFile25Command id:most recently used file 25
ExtToolsCurPathExternal Tools context menu command: Current Path
ExtToolsCurDirExternal Tools context menu command: Current Directory
ExtToolsCurFileNameExternal Tools context menu command: Current Filename
ExtToolsCurExtensionExternal Tools context menu command: Current Extension
ExtToolsProjDirExternal Tools context menu command: Current Project Directory
ExtToolsProjFileNameExternal Tools context menu command: Current Project Filename
ExtToolsSlnDirExternal Tools context menu command: Solution Directory
ExtToolsSlnFileNameExternal Tools context menu command: Solution Filename
GotoDefnObject browser / Class View command: Go to Definition
GotoDeclObject browser / Class View commandcommand: Go to Declaration
BrowseDefnObject browser / Class View command: Browse Definition
SyncClassViewObject browser / Class View command: Sync Class View
ShowMembersObject browser/ Class View command: Show Members
ShowBasesObject browser / Class View commandcommand: Show Bases
ShowDerivedObject browser / Class View commandcommand: Show Derived
ShowDefnsObject browser / Class View commandcommand: Show Definitions
ShowRefsObject browser / Class View commandcommand: Show References
ShowCallersObject browser / Class View commandcommand: Show Callers
ShowCalleesObject browser / Class View commandcommand: Show Callees
AddClassAdd a class.
AddNestedClassAdd Nested Class
AddInterfaceAdd Interface
AddMethodAdd Method
AddPropertyAdd Property
AddEventAdd an event.
AddVariableAdd Variable
ImplementInterfaceImplement Interface
AddFunctionAdd a function.
AddConnectionPointAdd a connection point.
AddIndexerAdd an indexer.
BuildOrderBuild order
OBShowHiddenObject Browser command id: Show Hidden
OBEnableGroupingObject Browser command: Enable Grouping
OBSetGroupingCriteriaObject Browser command id: Set Grouping Criteria
OBBackObject Browser command: Back
OBForwardObject Browser command: Forward
OBShowPackagesObject Browser command id: Show Packages
OBSearchComboObject Browser command id: Search Combo
OBSearchOptWholeWordObject Browser command id: Search Whole Word option
OBSearchOptSubstringObject Browser command id: Search substring option
OBSearchOptPrefixObject Browser command id: Search prefix option
OBSearchOptCaseSensitiveObject Browser command id: Case-sensitive search
CVGroupingNoneClass View command: No Grouping
CVGroupingSortOnlyClass View command: Sort Only Grouping
CVGroupingGroupedClass View command: Grouped
CVShowPackagesClass View command: Show Packages
CVNewFolderClass View command: New Folder
CVGroupingSortAccessClass View command: Group by Access
ObjectSearchObject Search
ObjectSearchResultsObject Search Results
Build1Build cascade menus: Build 1
Build2Build cascade menus: Build 2
Build3Build cascade menus: Build 3
Build4Build cascade menus: Build 4
Build5Build cascade menus: Build 5
Build6Build cascade menus: Build 6
Build7Build cascade menus: Build 7
Build8Build cascade menus: Build 8
Build9Build cascade menus: Build 9
BuildLastBuild last
Rebuild1Rebuild 1
Rebuild2Rebuild 2
Rebuild3Rebuild 3
Rebuild4Rebuild 4
Rebuild5Rebuild 5
Rebuild6Rebuild 6
Rebuild7Rebuild 7
Rebuild8Rebuild 8
Rebuild9Rebuild 9
RebuildLastRebuild Last
Clean1Build command: Clean 1
Clean2Build command: Clean 2
Clean3Build command: Clean 3
Clean4Build command: Clean 4
Clean5Build command: Clean 5
Clean6Build command: Clean 6
Clean7Build command: Clean 7
Clean8Build command: Clean 8
Clean9Build command: Clean 9
CleanLastBuild command: Clean Last
Deploy1Build command: Deploy 1
Deploy2Build command: Deploy 2
Deploy3Build command: Deploy 3
Deploy4Build command: Deploy 4
Deploy5Build command: Deploy 5
Deploy6Build command: Deploy 6
Deploy7Build command: Deploy 7
Deploy8Build command: Deploy 8
Deploy9Build command: Deploy 9
DeployLastBuild command: Deploy Last
BuildProjPickerBuild project pickre
RebuildProjPickerRebuild Project Picker
CleanProjPickerBuild command: Clean Project Picker
DeployProjPickerBuild command: Deploy Project Picker
ResourceViewResource View
ShowHomePageShow Home Page
EditMenuIDsEdit Menu IDs
LineBreakBreak Line
CPPIdentifierC++ identifier
QuotedStringQuoted String
SpaceOrTabSpace or Tab
CustomizeToolbarsCustomize toolbars
MoveToTopMove To Top
WindowHelpWindow Help
ViewPopupView Popup
CheckMnemonicsCheck mnemonics
PRSortAlphabeticalySort Properties Alphabetically. Note: "Alphabeticaly" is misspelled in enumeration member.
PRSortByCategorySort Properties by Category
ViewNextTabView Next Tab
CheckForUpdatesCheck for updates
Browser1Browser 1
Browser2Browser 2
Browser3Browser 3
Browser4Browser 4
Browser5Browser 5
Browser6Browser 6
Browser7Browser 7
Browser8Browser 8
Browser9Browser 9
Browser10Browser 10
Browser11Browser 11
OpenDropDownOpenOpen Drop Down Open
OpenDropDownOpenWithOpen Drop Down With
ToolsDebugProcessesDebug Process
PaneNextSubPaneNext Sub Pane
PanePrevSubPanePrevious Sub Pane
MoveFileToProject1Move File to Project 1
MoveFileToProject2Move File to Project 2
MoveFileToProject3Move File to Project 3
MoveFileToProject4Move File to Project 4
MoveFileToProject5Move File to Project 5
MoveFileToProject6Move File to Project 6
MoveFileToProject7Move File to Project 7
MoveFileToProject8Move File to Project 8
MoveFileToProject9Move File to Project 9
MoveFileToProjectLastMove File to Project Last
MoveFileToProjectPickMove File to Project Pick
DefineSubsetDefine subset
SubsetComboSubset Combo
SubsetGetListSubset Get List
OBSortObjectsAlphaObject Browser command id: Sort Objects Alphabetically
OBSortObjectsTypeObject Browser command id: Sort Objects by Type
OBSortObjectsAccessObject Browser command id: Sort by Object Access
OBGroupObjectsTypeObject Browser command Group Objects by Type.
OBGroupObjectsAccessObject Browser command: Group Object by Access
OBSortMembersAlphaObject Browser command id: Sort Members Alphabetically
OBSortMembersTypeObject Browser command id: Sort by Member Type
OBSortMembersAccessObject Browser command id: Sort by Member Access
PopBrowseContextPop Browse Context
GotoRefGo to Reference
OBSLookInReferencesObject Browser command id: Look in References
ExtToolsTargetPathExternal Tools context menu command: Target Path
ExtToolsTargetDirExternal Tools context menu command: Target Directory
ExtToolsTargetFileNameExternal Tools context menu command: Target Filename
ExtToolsTargetExtensionExternal Tools context menu command: Target Extension
ExtToolsCurLineExternal Tools context menu command: Current Line
ExtToolsCurColExternal Tools context menu command: Current Column
ExtToolsCurTextExternal Tools context menu command: Current Text
BrowseNextBrowse next
BrowsePrevBrowse previous
BrowseUnloadBrowse unload
QuickObjectSearchQuick Object Search
ExpandAllExpand All
BookmarkWindowBookmark Window
CodeExpansionWindowCode Expansion Window
NextDocumentNavNavigate to Next Document
PrevDocumentNavNavigate to Previous Document
StandardMaxStandard Maximum
FormsFirstFirst Forms
FormsLastLast Forms
VBEFirstVB Editor First
Zoom200Zoom Factor 200%
Zoom150Zoom Factor 150%
Zoom100Zoom Factor 100%
Zoom75Zoom Factor 75%
Zoom50Zoom Factor 50%
Zoom25Zoom Factor 25%
Zoom10Zoom Factor 10%
VBELastVB Editor Last
uieventidFirstFirst UI Event ID
uieventidSelectRegionSelect UI Event ID Region
uieventidDropDrop UI Event ID
uieventidLastLast UI Event ID