This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

VSConstants.VSStd2KCmdID Enumeration

These constants make some basic menu commands available to managed code.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.9.0 (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.9.0.dll)

public enum VSStd2KCmdID

Member nameDescription
TYPECHAR Type character
BACKSPACEDelete Backwards; Delete the current selection, or if no selection, the previous character.
RETURNBreak Line; Insert a line break at the current caret position.
TABInsert Tab; Insert a tab character at the current caret position.
BACKTABTab Left; Move the caret back one tab stop.
DELETEDelete; Delete the current selection.
LEFTChar Left; Move the caret left one character.
LEFT_EXTChar Left Extend; Move the caret left one character, extending the selection..
RIGHTChar Right; Move the caret right one character.
RIGHT_EXTChar Right Extend; Move the caret right one character, extending the selection.
UPLine Up.
UP_EXTLine Up Extend; Move the caret up one line, extending the selection.
DOWNLine Down; Move the caret down one line.
DOWN_EXTLine Down Extend; Move the caret down one line, extending the selection.
HOMEDocument Start; Move the caret to the start of the document.
HOME_EXTDocument Start Extend; Move the caret to the start of the document, extending the selection.
ENDDocument End; Move the caret to the end of the document.
END_EXTDocument End Extend; Move the caret to the end of the document, extending the selection.
BOLLine Start; Move the caret to the start of the line.
BOL_EXTLine Start Extend; Move the caret to the start of the line, extending the selection.
FIRSTCHARLine Start After Indentation; Move the caret to first non-white space character on the line.
FIRSTCHAR_EXTLine Start After Indentation Extend; Move the caret to first non-white space character on the line, extending the selection.
EOLLine End; Move the caret to the end of the line..
EOL_EXTLine End Extend; Move the caret to the end of the line, extending the selection.
LASTCHARLine Last Char; Move the caret after the last non-white space character on the line.
LASTCHAR_EXTLine Last Char Extend; Move the caret after the last non-white space character on the line, extending the selection..
PAGEUPPage Up; Move the caret up one page.
PAGEUP_EXTPage Up Extend; Move the caret up one page, extending the selection.
PAGEDNPage Down; Move the caret down one page.
PAGEDN_EXTPage Down Extend; Move the caret down one page, extending the selection.
TOPLINEView Top; Move the caret to the top line in view.
TOPLINE_EXTView Top Extend; Move the caret to the top line in view, extending the selection.
BOTTOMLINEView Bottom; Move the caret to the last line in view.
BOTTOMLINE_EXTView Bottom Extend; Move the caret to the last line in view, extending the selection.
SCROLLUPScroll Line Up: Scroll the document up one line.
SCROLLDNScroll Line Down; Scroll the document down one line.
SCROLLPAGEUPScroll Page Up: Scroll the document up one page..
SCROLLPAGEDNScroll Page Down: Scroll the document down one page.
SCROLLLEFTScroll Column Left; Scroll the document left one column.
SCROLLRIGHTScroll Column Right; Scroll the document right one column.
SCROLLBOTTOMScroll Line Bottom; Scroll the current line to the bottom of the view.
SCROLLCENTERScroll Line Center; Scroll the current line to the center of the view.
SCROLLTOPScroll Line Top: Scroll the current line to the top of the view.
SELECTALLSelect All; Select all of the document.
SELTABIFYTabify Selection: Replace spaces in the current selection with tabs.
SELUNTABIFYUntabify Selection; Replace tabs in the current selection with spaces.
SELLOWCASEMake Lowercase; Change the text in the current selection to all lower case.
SELUPCASEMake Uppercase; Change the text in the current selection to all upper case.
SELTOGGLECASEToggle Case: Toggle the case of the text in the current selection.
SELTITLECASECapitalize; Capitalize the first letter of words in the selection.
SELSWAPANCHORSwap Anchor; Swap the anchor and end points of the current selection.
GOTOLINEGo To Line; Go to the indicated line.
GOTOBRACEGoto Brace; Move the caret forward to the matching brace.
GOTOBRACE_EXTGoto Brace Extend; Move the caret forward to the matching brace, extending the selection.
GOBACKGo Back; Go back one character.
SELECTMODESelect Mode; Toggle the selection mode.
TOGGLE_OVERTYPE_MODEOvertype Mode; Toggle between insert and overtype insertion modes.
CUTCut; Cut the current selection to the clipboard.
COPYCopy; Copy the current selection to the clipboard.
PASTEPaste; Paste the selection.
CUTLINELine Cut; Cut all selected lines, or the current line if no selection, to the clipboard.
DELETELINEDelete Line; Delete all selected lines, or the current line if no selection.
DELETEBLANKLINESDelete Blank Lines; Delete all blank lines in the selection, or the current blank line if no selection.
DELETEWHITESPACEDelete Horizontal White Space; Collapse white space in the selection, or delete white space adjacent to the caret if no selection.
DELETETOEOLDelete To EOL; Delete from the caret position to the end of the line.
DELETETOBOLDelete To BOL; Delete from the caret position to the beginning of the line.
OPENLINEABOVELine Open Above; Open a new line above the current line.
OPENLINEBELOWLine Open Below: Open a new line below the current line.
INDENTIncrease Line Indent; Increase Indent.
UNINDENTDecrease Line Indent; Line Unindent.
UNDOUndo; Undo the last operation.
UNDONOMOVEUndo no move
REDORedo; Repeat the operation.
REDONOMOVE Redo without move
DELETEALLTEMPBOOKMARKSClear Bookmarks; Clear all unnamed bookmarks in the current document.
TOGGLETEMPBOOKMARKToggle Bookmark; Toggle an unnamed bookmark on the current line.
GOTONEXTBOOKMARKNext Bookmark; Move the caret to the next unnamed bookmark.
GOTOPREVBOOKMARKPrevious Bookmark; Move the caret to the previous unnamed bookmark.
FINDFind; Find the occurrence.
REPLACEReplace; Replace the occurrence.
REPLACE_ALLReplace All; Replace all instances of the occurrence.
FINDNEXTFind Next; Find the next occurrence
FINDNEXTWORDFind Next Word; Find the next occurrence of word.
FINDPREVFind Prev; Find the previous occurrence
FINDPREVWORDFind Prev Word; Find the previous occurrence of word.
FINDAGAINFind Again; Repeat the find operation.
TRANSPOSECHARChar Transpose: Transpose the characters on either side of the caret.
TRANSPOSEWORDWord Transpose; Transpose the words on either side of the caret.
TRANSPOSELINELine Transpose; Transpose the current line and the line below.
SELECTCURRENTWORDSelect Current Word; Select the word under the caret.
DELETEWORDRIGHTWord Delete To End; Delete the word to the right of the caret.
DELETEWORDLEFTWord Delete To Start; Delete the word to the left of the caret.
WORDPREVWord Previous; Move the caret left one word.
WORDPREV_EXTWord Previous Extend; Move the caret left one word, extending the selection.
WORDNEXTWord Next; Move the caret right one word.
WORDNEXT_EXTWord Next Extend; Move the caret right one word, extending the selection.
COMMENTBLOCKComment Block; Comment out the selected block.
UNCOMMENTBLOCKUncomment Block; Uncomment the selected block. If the block is not commented, make no change.
SETREPEATCOUNT Set repeat count
WIDGETMARGIN_LBTNDOWN Widget Margin Left Button Down; A left button down event in the widget margin. The widget margin is used to set breakpoints or bookmarks.
SHOWCONTEXTMENUDisplays a context menu. If unhandled this most editors display a default context menu without any language-specific commands. If you want your own commands on this menu, handle the command and bring up a context menu yourself.
CANCELSelection Cancel; Cancel the current selection moving the caret to the anchor point.
PARAMINFOParameter Info; Display Parameter Info based on the current language.
TOGGLEVISSPACEView White Space; Toggle the visibility of white space characters.
TOGGLECARETPASTEPOSPaste Moves Caret; Toggle where the caret is positioned after a paste operation.
COMPLETEWORDComplete Word; Display Word Completion based on the current language.
SHOWMEMBERLISTShow Member List; Display an object Member List based on the current language.
FIRSTNONWHITEPREVLine Start After Indentation Next; Move the caret to the first non-white-space character on the previous line.
FIRSTNONWHITENEXTLine Start After Indentation Next; Move the caret to the first non-white-space character on the next line.
FORMATSELECTIONFormat Selection; Format the currently selected text.
OPENURLOpen URL; Invoke the default browser and opens the URL under the caret.
INSERTFILEInsert File As Text; Insert a file into the current document.
TOGGLESHORTCUTToggle Task List Shortcut; Toggle a task list shortcut on the current line.
QUICKINFOQuick Info; Display Quick Info based on the current language.
LEFT_EXT_COLChar Left Extend Column; Move the caret left one character, extending the column selection.
RIGHT_EXT_COLChar Right Extend Column; Move the caret right one character, extending the column selection.
UP_EXT_COLLine Up Extend Column; Move the caret up one line, extending the column selection.
DOWN_EXT_COLLine Down Extend Column; Move the caret down one line, extending the column selection.
TOGGLEWORDWRAPToggle Word Wrap; Toggle Word Wrap mode.
ISEARCHIncremental Search; Reverse Incremental Search.
ISEARCHBACKReverse Incremental Search.
BOL_EXT_COLLine Start Extend Column; Move the caret to the start of the line, extending the column selection.
EOL_EXT_COLLine End Extend Column; Move the caret to the end of the line, extending the column selection.
WORDPREV_EXT_COLWord Previous Extend Column; Move the caret left one word, extending the column selection.
WORDNEXT_EXT_COLWord Next Extend Column; Move the caret right one word, extending the column selection.
OUTLN_HIDE_SELECTIONHide Selection; Outline Hide Selection.
OUTLN_TOGGLE_CURRENTToggle Outlining Expansion; Outline Toggle Current.
OUTLN_TOGGLE_ALLToggle All Outlining; Toggle all hidden regions.
OUTLN_STOP_HIDING_ALLStop Outlining; Outline Stop Hiding All.
OUTLN_STOP_HIDING_CURRENTStop Hiding Current; Outline Stop Hiding Current.
OUTLN_COLLAPSE_TO_DEFCollapse to Definitions; Outline Collapse To Definitions.
EXTERNALLY_HANDLED_WIDGET_CLICKExternally handled widget click; A mouse click event in the widget margin passed to an external handler. The widget margin is used to set breakpoints or bookmarks.
COMMENT_BLOCKComment Block; Comment out the selected block.
UNCOMMENT_BLOCKUncomment Selection; Uncomment the selected lines.
OPENFILEOpen File; Open file under caret.
NAVIGATETOURLOpen URL; Invoke the default browser and opens the URL under the caret.
COMPLETION_HIDE_ADVANCEDCompletion hide advanced
OUTLN_START_AUTOHIDINGStart Autohiding outline
ECMD_DECREASEFILTEREditor command: Decrease filter
ECMD_COPYTIPEditor command: Copy tip
ECMD_PASTETIPEditor command: Paste tip
ECMD_LEFTCLICKEditor command: Left click
ECMD_GOTONEXTBOOKMARKINDOCEditor command: Go to next bookmark in document
ECMD_GOTOPREVBOOKMARKINDOCEditor command: Go to previous bookmark in document
ECMD_INVOKESNIPPETFROMSHORTCUTEditor command: Invoke snippet from shortcut
ECMD_INVOKESNIPPETPICKER2Editor command: Invoke snippet picker 2
ECMD_DELETEALLBOOKMARKSINDOCEditor command: Delete all bookmarks in document
ECMD_CONVERTTABSTOSPACESEditor command: Convert tabs to spaces
ECMD_CONVERTSPACESTOTABSEditor command: Convert spaces to tabs
ECMD_FINALEditor command: Final
STOPSTOP command created during CTC file rationalization
REVERSECANCELReverse Cancel command created during CTC file rationalization
SLNREFRESHSolution Refresh command created during CTC file rationalization
SAVECOPYOFITEMASSave Copy of Item As command created during CTC file rationalization
NEWELEMENTHTML editor command: New element
NEWATTRIBUTEHTML editor command: New attribute
NEWCOMPLEXTYPEHTML editor command: New complex type
NEWSIMPLETYPEHTML editor command: New simple type
NEWGROUPHTML editor command: New group
NEWATTRIBUTEGROUPHTML editor command: New attribute group
NEWKEYHTML editor command: New key
NEWRELATIONHTML editor command: New relation
EDITKEYHTML editor command: Edit key
EDITRELATIONHTML editor command: Edit relation
MAKETYPEGLOBALHTML editor command: Make type global
PREVIEWDATASETHTML editor command: Preview dataset
GENERATEDATASETHTML editor command: Generate data set
CREATESCHEMAHTML editor command: Create schema
LAYOUTINDENTHTML editor command: Layout indent
LAYOUTUNINDENTHTML editor command: Layout unindent
REMOVEHANDLERHTML editor command: Remove handler
EDITHANDLERHTML editor command: Edit handler
ADDHANDLERHTML editor command: Add handler
STYLEHTML editor command: Style
STYLEGETLISTGet style list
FONTSTYLEHTML editor command: Font style
FONTSTYLEGETLISTHTML editor command: Get font style list
PASTEASHTMLHTML editor command: Paste as HTML
VIEWBORDERSHTML editor command: View borders
VIEWDETAILSHTML editor command: View details
EXPANDCONTROLSHTML editor command: Expand controls
COLLAPSECONTROLSHTML editor command: Collapse controls
SHOWSCRIPTONLYHTML editor command: Show script only
INSERTTABLEHTML editor command: Insert table
INSERTCOLLEFTHTML editor command: Insert column on the left
INSERTCOLRIGHTHTML editor command: Insert column on the right
INSERTROWABOVEHTML editor command: Insert row above
INSERTROWBELOWHTML editor command: Insert row below
DELETETABLEHTML editor command: Delete table
DELETECOLSHTML editor command: Delete columns
DELETEROWSHTML editor command: Delete rows
SELECTTABLEHTML editor command: Select table
SELECTTABLECOLHTML editor command: Select table column
SELECTTABLEROWHTML editor command: Select table row
SELECTTABLECELLHTML editor command: Select table cell
MERGECELLSHTML editor command: Merge cells
SPLITCELLHTML editor command: Split cell
INSERTCELLHTML editor command: Insert cell
DELETECELLSHTML editor command: Delete cells
SEAMLESSFRAMEHTML editor command: Seamless frame
VIEWFRAMEHTML editor command: View frame
DELETEFRAMEHTML editor command: Delete frame
SETFRAMESOURCEHTML editor command: Set frame source
NEWLEFTFRAMEHTML editor command: New left frame
NEWRIGHTFRAMEHTML editor command: New right frame
NEWTOPFRAMEHTML editor command: New top frame
NEWBOTTOMFRAMEHTML editor command: New bottom frame
SHOWGRIDHTML editor command: Show grid
SNAPTOGRIDHTML editor command: Snap to grid
BOOKMARKHTML editor command: Bookmark
HYPERLINKHTML editor command: Hyperlink
IMAGEHTML editor command: Image
INSERTFORMHTML editor command: Insert form
INSERTSPANHTML editor command: Insert span
DIVHTML editor command: Div
HTMLCLIENTSCRIPTBLOCKHTML editor command: HTML client script block
HTMLSERVERSCRIPTBLOCKHTML editor command: HTML server script block
BULLETEDLISTHTML editor command: Bulleted list
NUMBEREDLISTHTML editor command: Numbered list
EDITSCRIPTHTML editor command: Edit script
EDITCODEBEHINDHTML editor command: Edit code behind
DOCOUTLINEHTMLHTML editor command: Document outline HTML
DOCOUTLINESCRIPTHTML editor command: Document outline script
RUNATSERVERHTML editor command: Run at server
WEBFORMSVERBSHTML editor command: Web forms verbs
WEBFORMSTEMPLATESHTML editor command: Web forms templates
ENDTEMPLATEHTML editor command: End template
EDITDEFAULTEVENTHTML editor command: Edit default event
SUPERSCRIPTHTML editor command: Superscript
SUBSCRIPTHTML editor command: Subscript
EDITSTYLEHTML editor command: Edit style
ADDIMAGEHEIGHTWIDTHHTML editor command: Add image height width
REMOVEIMAGEHEIGHTWIDTHHTML editor command: Remove image height and width
LOCKELEMENTHTML editor command: Lock element
VIEWSTYLEORGANIZERView style organizer
ECMD_AUTOCLOSEOVERRIDEEditor and HTML editor command: ECMD Auto-close override
NEWANYHTML editor command: New any
NEWANYATTRIBUTEHTML editor command: New any attribute
DELETEKEYHTML editor command: Delete key
AUTOARRANGEHTML editor command: Auto arrange
VALIDATESCHEMAHTML editor command: Validate schema
NEWFACETHTML editor command: New facet
VALIDATEXMLDATAHTML editor command: Validate XML data
DOCOUTLINETOGGLEHTML editor command: Document outline toggle
VALIDATEHTMLDATAHTML editor command: Validate HTML data
VIEWXMLSCHEMAOVERVIEWHTML editor command: View XML schema overview
SHOWDEFAULTVIEWHTML editor command: Show default view
EXPAND_CHILDRENHTML editor command: Expand children
COLLAPSE_CHILDRENHTML editor command: Collapse children
TOPDOWNLAYOUTHTML editor command: Top down layout
LEFTRIGHTLAYOUTHTML editor command: Left to right layout
INSERTCELLRIGHTHTML editor command: Insert cell on the right
EDITMASTERHTML editor command: Edit master
INSERTSNIPPETHTML editor command: Insert snippet
FORMATANDVALIDATIONHTML editor command: Format and validation
COLLAPSETAGHTML editor command: Collapse tag
SELECT_TAGHTML editor command: Select tag
SELECT_TAG_CONTENTHTML editor command: Select tag content
CHECK_ACCESSIBILITYHTML editor command: Check accessibility
UNCOLLAPSETAGHTML editor command: expand tag
GENERATEPAGERESOURCEHTML editor command: Generate page resource
SHOWNONVISUALCONTROLSHTML editor command: Show only non-visual controls
RESIZECOLUMNHTML editor command: Resize column
RESIZEROWHTML editor command: Resize row
MAKEABSOLUTEHTML editor command: Make absolute
MAKERELATIVEHTML editor command: Make relative
MAKESTATICHTML editor command: Make static
INSERTLAYERHTML editor command: Insert layer
UPDATEDESIGNVIEWHTML editor command: Update design view
UPDATESOURCEVIEWHTML editor command: Update source view
INSERTCAPTIONHTML editor command: Insert caption
DELETECAPTIONHTML editor command: Delete caption
MAKEPOSITIONNOTSETHTML editor command: Make position not set
AUTOPOSITIONOPTIONSHTML editor command: Auto position options
EDITIMAGEHTML editor command: Edit image
COMPILEProject command: Compile
PROJSETTINGSProject command: Project settings
LINKONLYProject command: Link only
REMOVEProject command: Remove
PROJSTARTDEBUGProject command: Project start debugging
PROJSTEPINTOProject command: Project step into
UPDATEWEBREFProject command: Update web reference
ADDRESOURCEProject command: Add resource
WEBDEPLOYProject command: Web deployment
ADDHTMLPAGEVisual Basic Project command: Add HTML page
ADDHTMLPAGECTXVisual Basic Project command: Add HTML page control
ADDMODULEVisual Basic Project command: Add module
ADDMODULECTXVisual Basic Project command: Add module control
ADDWFCFORMVisual Basic Project command: Add WFC form
ADDWEBFORMVisual Basic Project command: Add web form
ADDUSERCONTROLVisual Basic Project command: Add user control
ADDDHTMLPAGEVisual Basic Project command: Add DHTML page
ADDIMAGEGENERATORVisual Basic Project command: Add image generator
ADDINHERWFCFORMVisual Basic Project command: Add inherited WCF form
ADDINHERCONTROLVisual Basic Project command: Add inherited control
ADDWEBUSERCONTROLVisual Basic Project command: Add web user control
BUILDANDBROWSEVisual Basic Project command: Build and browse
ADDTBXCOMPONENTVisual Basic Project command: Add tab grid component
ADDWEBSERVICEVisual Basic Project command: Add web service
ADDVFPPAGEVisual FoxPro Project command: Add Visual FoxPro page
SETBREAKPOINTVisual FoxPro Project command: Set breakpoint
SHOWALLFILESHelp Workshop project command: Show all files
ADDTOPROJECTHelp Workshop project command: Add to project
ADDBLANKNODEHelp Workshop project command: Add blank node
ADDNODEFROMFILEHelp Workshop project command: Add node from file
CHANGEURLFROMFILEHelp Workshop project command: Change URL from file
EDITTOPICHelp Workshop project command: Edit topic
EDITTITLEHelp Workshop project command: Edit title
MOVENODEUPHelp Workshop project command: Move node up
MOVENODEDOWNHelp Workshop project command: Move node down
MOVENODELEFTHelp Workshop project command: Move node left
MOVENODERIGHTHelp Workshop project command: Move node right
ADDOUTPUTDeploy project command: Add output
ADDFILEDeploy project command: Add file
MERGEMODULEDeploy project command: Merge module
ADDCOMPONENTSDeploy project command: Add components
LAUNCHINSTALLERDeploy project command: Launch installer
LAUNCHUNINSTALLDeploy project command: Launch uninstall
LAUNCHORCADeploy project command: Launch Anchor A
FILESYSTEMEDITORDeploy project command: File system editor
REGISTRYEDITORDeploy project command: Registry editor
FILETYPESEDITORDeploy project command: File types editor
USERINTERFACEEDITORDeploy project command: User's Interface editor
CUSTOMACTIONSEDITORDeploy project command: Custom actions editor
LAUNCHCONDITIONSEDITORDeploy project command: Launch conditions editor
EDITORDeploy project command: Editor
EXCLUDEDeploy project command: Exclude
REFRESHDEPENDENCIESDeploy project command: Refresh dependencies
VIEWOUTPUTSDeploy project command: View outputs
VIEWDEPENDENCIESDeploy project command: View dependencies
VIEWFILTERDeploy project command: View filter
KEYDeploy project command: Key
STRINGDeploy project command: String
BINARYDeploy project command: Binary
DWORDDeploy project command: DWORD
KEYSOLODeploy project command: Key solo
IMPORTDeploy project command: Import
FOLDERDeploy project command: Folder
PROJECTOUTPUTDeploy project command: Project output
FILEDeploy project command: File
ADDMERGEMODULESDeploy project command: Add merge modules
CREATESHORTCUTDeploy project command: Create shortcut
LARGEICONSDeploy project command: Large icons
SMALLICONSDeploy project command: Small icons
LISTDeploy project command: List
DETAILSDeploy project command: Details
ADDFILETYPEAdd file type
ADDACTIONDeploy project command: Add action
SETASDEFAULTDeploy project command: Set as default
MOVEUPDeploy project command:
MOVEDOWNDeploy project command: Move down
IMPORTDIALOGDeploy project command: Import dialog
ADDFILESEARCHDeploy project command: Add file search
ADDREGISTRYSEARCHDeploy project command: Add registry search
ADDCOMPONENTSEARCHDeploy project command: Add components search
ADDLAUNCHCONDITIONDeploy project command: Add launch condition
ADDCUSTOMACTIONDeploy project command: Add custom action
OUTPUTSDeploy project command: Outputs
DEPENDENCIESDeploy project command: Dependencies
FILTERDeploy project command: Filter
COMPONENTSDeploy project command: Components
ENVSTRINGDeploy project command: Environment string
CREATEEMPTYSHORTCUTDeploy project command: Create empty shortcut
ADDFILECONDITIONDeploy project command: Add file condition
ADDREGISTRYCONDITIONDeploy project command: Add registry condition
ADDCOMPONENTCONDITIONDeploy project command: Add component condition
ADDURTCONDITIONDeploy project command: Add URT condition
ADDIISCONDITIONDeploy project command: Add IIS condition
SPECIALFOLDERBASEDeploy project command: Base special folder
USERSAPPLICATIONDATAFOLDERDeploy project command: User's Application Data folder
COMMONFILES64FOLDERDeploy project command: Common files64 folder
COMMONFILESFOLDERDeploy project command: Common files folder
CUSTOMFOLDERDeploy project command: Custom folder
USERSDESKTOPDeploy project command: User's Desktop
USERSFAVORITESFOLDERDeploy project command: User's Favorites folder
FONTSFOLDERDeploy project command: Fonts folder
GLOBALASSEMBLYCACHEFOLDERDeploy project command: Global assembly cache folder
MODULERETARGETABLEFOLDERDeploy project command: Re-targetable module folder
USERSPERSONALDATAFOLDERDeploy project command: User's Personal Data folder
PROGRAMFILES64FOLDERDeploy project command: Program Files64 folder
PROGRAMFILESFOLDERDeploy project command: Program Files folder
USERSPROGRAMSMENUDeploy project command: User's Programs menu
USERSSENDTOMENUDeploy project command: User's send to menu
SHAREDCOMPONENTSFOLDERDeploy project command: Shared Components folder
USERSSTARTMENUDeploy project command: User's start menu
USERSSTARTUPFOLDERDeploy project command: User's startup folder
SYSTEM64FOLDERDeploy project command: System64 folder
SYSTEMFOLDERDeploy project command: System folder
APPLICATIONFOLDERDeploy project command: Application folder
USERSTEMPLATEFOLDERDeploy project command: User template folder
WEBCUSTOMFOLDERDeploy project command: Custom web folder
WINDOWSFOLDERDeploy project command: Windows folder
SPECIALFOLDERLASTDeploy project command: Last special folder
EXPORTEVENTSAnalyzer project command: Export events
IMPORTEVENTSAnalyzer project command: Import events
VIEWEVENTAnalyzer project command: View event
VIEWEVENTLISTAnalyzer project command: View event list
VIEWCHARTAnalyzer project command: View chart
VIEWMACHINEDIAGRAMAnalyzer project command: View machine diagram
VIEWPROCESSDIAGRAMAnalyzer project command: View process diagram
VIEWSOURCEDIAGRAMAnalyzer project command: View source diagram
VIEWSTRUCTUREDIAGRAMAnalyzer project command: View structure diagram
VIEWTIMELINEAnalyzer project command: View timeline
VIEWSUMMARYAnalyzer project command: View summary
APPLYFILTERAnalyzer project command: Apply filter
CLEARFILTERAnalyzer project command: Clear filter
STARTRECORDINGAnalyzer project command: Start recording
STOPRECORDINGAnalyzer project command: Stop recording
PAUSERECORDINGAnalyzer project command: Pause recording
ACTIVATEFILTERAnalyzer project command: Activate filter
SHOWFIRSTEVENTAnalyzer project command: Show first event
SHOWPREVIOUSEVENTAnalyzer project command: Show previous event
SHOWNEXTEVENTAnalyzer project command: Show next event
SHOWLASTEVENTAnalyzer project command: Show last event
REPLAYEVENTSAnalyzer project command: Replay events
STOPREPLAYAnalyzer project command: Stop replay
INCREASEPLAYBACKSPEEDAnalyzer project command: Increase playback speed
DECREASEPLAYBACKSPEEDAnalyzer project command: Decrease playback speed
ADDMACHINEAnalyzer project command: Add machine
ADDREMOVECOLUMNSAnalyzer project command: Add or remove columns
SORTCOLUMNSAnalyzer project command: Sort columns
SAVECOLUMNSETTINGSAnalyzer project command: Save column settings
RESETCOLUMNSETTINGSAnalyzer project command: Reset column settings
SIZECOLUMNSTOFITAnalyzer project command: Size columns to fit
AUTOSELECTAnalyzer project command: Auto select
AUTOPLAYTRACKAnalyzer project command: Autoplay track
GOTOEVENTAnalyzer project command: Go to event
ZOOMTOFITAnalyzer project command: Zoom to fit
ADDGRAPHAnalyzer project command: Add graph
REMOVEGRAPHAnalyzer project command: Remove graph
CONNECTMACHINEAnalyzer project command: Connect machine
DISCONNECTMACHINEAnalyzer project command: Disconnect machine
EXPANDSELECTIONAnalyzer project command: Expand selection
COLLAPSESELECTIONAnalyzer project command: Collapse section
ADDPREDEFINED0Analyzer project command: Add predefined item 0
ADDPREDEFINED1Analyzer project command: Add predefined item 1
ADDPREDEFINED2Analyzer project command: Add predefined item 2
ADDPREDEFINED3Analyzer project command: Add predefined item 3
ADDPREDEFINED4Analyzer project command: Add predefined item 4
ADDPREDEFINED5Analyzer project command: Add predefined item 5
ADDPREDEFINED6Analyzer project command: Add predefined item 6
ADDPREDEFINED7Analyzer project command: Add predefined item 7
ADDPREDEFINED8Analyzer project command: Add predefined item 8
TIMELINESIZETOFITAnalyzer project command: Timeline size to fit
FIELDVIEWCrystal Reports command: Field view
SELECTEXPERTCrystal Reports command: Select expert
TOPNEXPERTCrystal Reports command: Top N Expert
SORTORDERCrystal Reports command: Sort order
PROPPAGECrystal Reports command: Property page
HELPCrystal Reports command: Help
SAVEREPORTCrystal Reports command: Save report
INSERTSUMMARYCrystal Reports command: Insert summary
INSERTGROUPCrystal Reports command: Insert group
INSERTSUBREPORTCrystal Reports command: Insert subreport
INSERTCHARTCrystal Reports command: Insert chart
INSERTPICTURECrystal Reports command: Insert picture
SETASSTARTPAGECommon project command: Set as Start page
RECALCULATELINKSCommon project command: Recalculate links
WEBPERMISSIONSCommon project command: Web permissions
COMPARETOMASTERCommon project command: Compare to master
WORKOFFLINECommon project command: Work offline
SYNCHRONIZEFOLDERCommon project command: Synchronize folder
SYNCHRONIZEALLFOLDERSCommon project command: Synchronize all folders
COPYPROJECTCommon project command: Copy project
IMPORTFILEFROMWEBCommon project command: Import file from web
INCLUDEINPROJECTCommon project command: Include in project
EXCLUDEFROMPROJECTCommon project command: Exclude from project
BROKENLINKSREPORTCommon project command: Broken links report
ADDPROJECTOUTPUTSCommon project command: Add project outputs
ADDREFERENCECommon project command: Add reference
ADDWEBREFERENCECommon project command: Add web reference
ADDWEBREFERENCECTXCommon project command: Add web reference control
UPDATEWEBREFERENCECommon project command: Update web reference
RUNCUSTOMTOOLCommon project command: Run custom tool
SETRUNTIMEVERSIONCommon project command: Set runtime version
VIEWREFINOBJECTBROWSERCommon project command: View reference in object browser
PUBLISHCommon project command: Publish
PUBLISHCTXCommon project command: Publish control
STARTOPTIONSCommon project command: Start options
ADDREFERENCECTXCommon project command: Add reference control
STARTOPTIONSCTXCommon project command: Start options control
DETACHLOCALDATAFILECTXCommon project command: Detach local data file control
DRAG_MOVERight mouse button drag move
DRAG_COPYRight mouse button drag copy
DRAG_CANCELRight mouse button drag cancel
TESTDIALOGResource Editor command: Test dialog
SPACEACROSSResource Editor command: Space across
SPACEDOWNResource Editor command: Space down
TOGGLEGRIDResource Editor command: Toggle grid
TOGGLEGUIDESResource Editor command: Toggle guides
SIZETOTEXTResource Editor command: Size to text
CENTERVERTResource Editor command: Center vertically
CENTERHORZResource Editor command: Center horizontally
FLIPDIALOGResource Editor command: Flip dialog
SETTABORDERResource Editor command: Set tab border
BUTTONRIGHTResource Editor command: Right button
BUTTONBOTTOMResource Editor command: Bottom button
AUTOLAYOUTGROWResource Editor command: Enable auto layout grow
AUTOLAYOUTNORESIZEResource Editor command: Disable auto layout resize
AUTOLAYOUTOPTIMIZEResource Editor command: Enable auto layout optimization
GUIDESETTINGSResource Editor command: GUID settings
RESOURCEINCLUDESResource Editor command: Resource includes
RESOURCESYMBOLSResource Editor command: Resource symbols
OPENBINARYResource Editor command: Open as binary file
RESOURCEOPENResource Editor command: Resource open
RESOURCENEWResource Editor command: Resource new
RESOURCENEWCOPYResource Editor command: Resource copy
INSERTResource Editor command: Insert
CTLMOVELEFTResource Editor command: Move control left
CTLMOVEDOWNResource Editor command: Move control down
CTLMOVERIGHTResource Editor command: Move control right
CTLMOVEUPResource Editor command: Move control up
CTLSIZEDOWNResource Editor command: Resize control down
CTLSIZEUPResource Editor command: Resize control up
CTLSIZELEFTResource Editor command: Resize control left
CTLSIZERIGHTResource Editor command: Resize control right
NEWACCELERATORResource Editor command: New accelerator
CAPTUREKEYSTROKEResource Editor command: Capture keystroke
INSERTACTIVEXCTLResource Editor command: Insert ActiveX control
INVERTCOLORSResource Editor command: Invert colors
FLIPHORIZONTALResource Editor command: Flip horizontal
FLIPVERTICALResource Editor command: Flip vertical
ROTATE90Resource Editor command: Rotate 90 degrees
SHOWCOLORSWINDOWResource Editor command: Show color window
NEWSTRINGResource Editor command: New string
NEWINFOBLOCKResource Editor command: New info block
DELETEINFOBLOCKResource Editor command: Delete info block
ADJUSTCOLORSResource Editor command: Adjust colors
LOADPALETTEResource Editor command: Load palette
SAVEPALETTEResource Editor command: Save palette
CHECKMNEMONICSResource Editor command: Check Mnemonics
DRAWOPAQUEResource Editor command: Draw opaque
TOOLBAREDITORResource Editor command: Toolbar editor
GRIDSETTINGSResource Editor command: Grid settings
NEWDEVICEIMAGEResource Editor command: New device image
OPENDEVICEIMAGEResource Editor command: Open device image
DELETEDEVICEIMAGEResource Editor command: Delete device image
VIEWASPOPUPResource Editor command: View as pop-up
CHECKMENUMNEMONICSResource Editor command: Check menu mnemonics
SHOWIMAGEGRIDResource Editor command: Show image grid
SHOWTILEGRIDResource Editor command: Show tile grid
MAGNIFYResource Editor command: Magnify
ResPropsResource Editor command: Resource properties
PICKRECTANGLEResource Editor command: Pick rectangle
PICKREGIONResource Editor command: Pick region
PICKCOLORResource Editor command: Pick color
ERASERTOOLResource Editor command: Eraser tool
FILLTOOLResource Editor command: Fill tool
PENCILTOOLResource Editor command: Pencil tool
BRUSHTOOLResource Editor command: Brush tool
AIRBRUSHTOOLResource Editor command: Airbrush tool
LINETOOLResource Editor command: Line tool
CURVETOOLResource Editor command: Curve tool
TEXTTOOLResource Editor command: Text tool
RECTTOOLResource Editor command: Rectangle tool
OUTLINERECTTOOLResource Editor command: Rectangle outline tool
FILLEDRECTTOOLResource Editor command: Filled rectangle tool
ROUNDRECTTOOLResource Editor command: Round rectangle tool
OUTLINEROUNDRECTTOOLResource Editor command: Rounded rectangle outline tool
FILLEDROUNDRECTTOOLResource Editor command: Filled round rectangle tool
ELLIPSETOOLResource editor command: Ellipse tool
OUTLINEELLIPSETOOLResource Editor command: Ellipse outline tool
FILLEDELLIPSETOOLResource Editor command: Filled ellipse tool
SETHOTSPOTResource Editor command: Set hotspot
ZOOMTOOLResource Editor command: Zoom tool
ZOOM1XResource Editor command: Zoom factor 1
ZOOM2XResource Editor command: Zoom factor 2
ZOOM6XResource Editor command: Zoom factor 6
ZOOM8XResource Editor command: Zoom factor 8
TRANSPARENTBCKGRNDResource Editor command: Transparent background
OPAQUEBCKGRNDResource Editor command: Opaque background
ERASERSMALLResource Editor command: Small eraser
ERASERMEDIUMResource Editor command: Medium eraser
ERASERLARGEResource Editor command: Large eraser
ERASERLARGERResource Editor command: Larger eraser
CIRCLELARGEResource Editor command: Large circle
CIRCLEMEDIUMResource Editor command: Medium circle
CIRCLESMALLResource Editor command: Small circle
SQUARELARGEResource Editor command: Square large
SQUAREMEDIUMResource Editor command: Square medium
SQUARESMALLResource Editor command: Square small
LEFTDIAGLARGEResource Editor command: Left diagonal large
LEFTDIAGMEDIUMResource Editor command: Left diagonal medium
LEFTDIAGSMALLResource Editor command: Left diagonal small
RIGHTDIAGLARGEResource Editor command: Right diagonal large
RIGHTDIAGMEDIUMResource Editor command: Right diagonal medium
RIGHTDIAGSMALLResource Editor command: Right diagonal small
SPLASHSMALLResource Editor command: Splash small
SPLASHMEDIUMResource Editor command: Splash medium
SPLASHLARGEResource Editor command: Splash large
LINESMALLERResource Editor command: Line smaller
LINESMALLResource Editor command: Line small
LINEMEDIUMResource Editor command: Line medium
LINELARGEResource Editor command: Line large
LINELARGERResource Editor command: Line larger
LARGERBRUSHResource Editor command: Larger brush
LARGEBRUSHResource Editor command: Large brush
STDBRUSHResource Editor command: Standard brush
SMALLBRUSHResource Editor command: Small brush
SMALLERBRUSHResource Editor command: Smaller brush
ZOOMINResource Editor command: Zoom in
ZOOMOUTResource Editor command: Zoom out
PREVCOLORResource Editor command: Previous color
PREVECOLORResource Editor command: Previous extended palette color
NEXTCOLORResource Editor command: Next color
NEXTECOLORResource Editor command: Next extended palette color
IMG_OPTIONSResource Editor command: Image options
STARTWEBADMINTOOLStart Web site administrator tool
NESTRELATEDFILESNest related files
CANCELDRAGWinForm command: Cancel drag
DEFAULTACTIONWinForm command: Default action
CTLMOVEUPGRIDResource Editor command: Move control up to grid
CTLMOVEDOWNGRIDResource Editor command: Move control down to grid
CTLMOVELEFTGRIDResource Editor command: Move control left to grit
CTLMOVERIGHTGRIDResource Editor command: Move control right to grid
CTLSIZERIGHTGRIDResource Editor command: Resize control right to grid
CTLSIZEUPGRIDResource Editor command: Resize control up to grid
CTLSIZELEFTGRIDResource Editor command: Resize control left to grid
CTLSIZEDOWNGRIDResource Editor command: Resize control down to grid
NEXTCTLWinForms command: Next control
PREVCTLWinForms command: Previous control
RENAMEWinForms command: Rename
EXTRACTMETHODWinForms command: Extract method
ENCAPSULATEFIELDWinForms command: Encapsulate field
EXTRACTINTERFACEWinForms command: Extract interface
PROMOTELOCALWinForms command: Promote local
REMOVEPARAMETERSWinForms command: Remove parameters
REORDERPARAMETERSWinForms command: Re-order parameters
GENERATEMETHODSTUBWinForms command: Generate method stub
IMPLEMENTINTERFACEIMPLICITWinForms command: Implement implicit interface
IMPLEMENTINTERFACEEXPLICITWinForms command: Implement explicit interface
IMPLEMENTABSTRACTCLASSWinForms command: Implement abstract class
SURROUNDWITHWinForms command: Surround with
QUICKOBJECTSEARCHQuick object search
ToggleWordWrapOWToggle word wrap OW
GotoNextLocationOWGo to next location OW
GotoPrevLocationOWGo to previous location OW
BuildOnlyProjectBuild only project
RebuildOnlyProjectRebuild only project
CleanOnlyProjectClean only project
SetBuildStartupsOnlyOnRunSet build startups only on run
UnhideAllUnhide all
HideFolderHide folder
UnhideFoldersUnhide folders
CopyFullPathNameCopy full path name
SaveFolderAsSolutionSave folder as solution
ManageUserSettingsManage user settings
NewSolutionFolderNew solution folder
ClearPaneOWClear Pane OW
GotoErrorTagOWGo to Error Tag OW
GotoNextErrorTagOWGo to next Error Tag OW
GotoPrevErrorTagOWGo to previous Error Tag OW
ClearPaneFR1Clear Pane FR1
GotoErrorTagFR1Go to Error Tag FR1
GotoNextErrorTagFR1Go to next Error Tag FR1
GotoPrevErrorTagFR1Go to previous Error Tag FR1
ClearPaneFR2Clear Pane FR2
GotoErrorTagFR2Go to Error Tag FR2
GotoNextErrorTagFR2Go to next Error Tag FR2
GotoPrevErrorTagFR2Go to previous Error Tag FR2
OutputPaneComboOutput pane combo
OutputPaneComboListOutput pane combo list
DisableDockingChangesDisable docking changes
ToggleFloatToggle float
ResetLayoutReset layout
NewSolutionFolderBarNew solution folder bar
DataShortcutData shortcut
NextToolWindowNew tool window
PrevToolWindowPrevious tool window
BrowseToFileInExplorerBrowse to file in Explorer
ShowEzMDIFileMenuShow simple MDI file menu
PrevToolWindowNavPrevious tool window navigator
StaticAnalysisOnlyProjectStatic analysis only project
ECMD_RUNFXCOPSELEditor command: Run Analyzer on selection
CloseAllButThisClose all but this
ControlGalleryControl gallery
FullScreen2Full Screen 2
NavigateBackNavigate Back
NavigateForwardNavigate Forward
ECMD_CORRECTION_1Editor command: Correction 1
ECMD_CORRECTION_2Editor command: Correction 2
ECMD_CORRECTION_3Editor command: Correction 3
ECMD_CORRECTION_4Editor command: Correction 4
ECMD_CORRECTION_5Editor command: Correction 5
ECMD_CORRECTION_6Editor command: Correction 6
ECMD_CORRECTION_7Editor command: Correction 7
ECMD_CORRECTION_8Editor command: Correction 8
ECMD_CORRECTION_9Editor command: Correction 9
ECMD_CORRECTION_10Editor command: Correction 10
OBAddReferenceOB add Reference
FindReferencesFind References
CodeDefViewDefault code view
CodeDefViewGoToPrevDefault code view Go To Next
CodeDefViewGoToNextDefault code view Go To Next
CodeDefViewEditDefinitionDefault code view editor definition
CodeDefViewChooseEncodingChoose encoding for default code view
ViewInClassDiagramView in class diagram
ECMD_ADDDBTABLEEditor command: Add database table
ECMD_ADDDATATABLEEditor command: Add data table
ECMD_ADDFUNCTIONEditor command: Add function
ECMD_ADDRELATIONEditor command: Add relation
ECMD_ADDKEYEditor command: Add key
ECMD_ADDCOLUMNEditor command: Add column
ECMD_CONVERT_DBTABLEEditor command: Convert database table
ECMD_CONVERT_DATATABLEEditor command: Convert data table
ECMD_GENERATE_DATABASEEditor command: Generate database
ECMD_CONFIGURE_CONNECTIONSEditor command: Configure connections
ECMD_IMPORT_XMLSCHEMAEditor command: Import XML schema
ECMD_SYNC_WITH_DATABASEEditor command: Sync with database
ECMD_CONFIGUREEditor command: Configure
ECMD_CREATE_DATAFORMEditor command: Create dataform
ECMD_CREATE_ENUMEditor command: Create enumeration
ECMD_INSERT_FUNCTIONEditor command: Insert function
ECMD_EDIT_FUNCTIONEditor command: Edit function
ECMD_SET_PRIMARY_KEYEditor command: Set primary key
ECMD_INSERT_COLUMNEditor command: Insert column
ECMD_AUTO_SIZEEditor command: Auto size
ECMD_SHOW_RELATION_LABELSEditor command: Show relation labels
VSDGenerateDataSetGenerate debugger dataset
VSDPreviewDebugger preview
VSDConfigureAdapterConfigure debugger adapter
VSDViewDatasetSchemaDebugger view dataset schema
VSDDatasetPropertiesDebugger dataset properties
VSDParameterizeFormDebugger parameterize form
VSDAddChildFormAdd debugger child form
ECMD_EDITCONSTRAINTEditor command: Edit constraint
ECMD_DELETECONSTRAINTEditor command: Delete constraint
ECMD_EDITDATARELATIONEditor command: Edit data relation
CloseProjectClose project
ReloadCommandBarsReload command bars
SolutionPlatformSolution platform
SolutionPlatformGetListGet Solution platform list
ECMD_DATAACCESSOREditor command: Data accessor
ECMD_ADD_DATAACCESSOREditor command: Add data accessor
ECMD_QUERYEditor command: Query
ECMD_ADD_QUERYEditor command: Add query
ECMD_PUBLISHSELECTIONEditor command: Publish selection
ECMD_PUBLISHSLNCTXEditor command: Publish solution control
CallBrowserShowCallsToCall browser show calls to
CallBrowserShowCallsFromCall browser show calls from
CallBrowserShowNewCallsToCall browser show new calls to
CallBrowserShowNewCallsFromCall browser show new calls from
CallBrowser1ShowCallsToCall browser 1 show calls to
CallBrowser2ShowCallsToCall browser 2 show full names
CallBrowser3ShowCallsToCall browser 3 show full names
CallBrowser4ShowCallsToCall browser 4 show full names
CallBrowser5ShowCallsToCall browser 5 show full names
CallBrowser6ShowCallsToCall browser 6 show full names
CallBrowser7ShowCallsToCall browser 7 show full names
CallBrowser8ShowCallsToCall browser 8 show full names
CallBrowser9ShowCallsToCall browser 9 show full names
CallBrowser10ShowCallsToCall browser 10 show calls to
CallBrowser11ShowCallsToCall browser 11 show calls to
CallBrowser12ShowCallsToCall browser 12 show calls to
CallBrowser13ShowCallsToCall browser 13 show calls to
CallBrowser14ShowCallsToCall browser 14 show calls to
CallBrowser15ShowCallsToCall browser 15 show calls to
CallBrowser16ShowCallsToCall browser 16 show calls from
CallBrowser1ShowCallsFromCall browser 1 show calls from
CallBrowser2ShowCallsFromCall browser 2 show calls to
CallBrowser3ShowCallsFromCall browser 3 show calls to
CallBrowser4ShowCallsFromCall browser 4 show calls to
CallBrowser5ShowCallsFromCall browser 5 show calls to
CallBrowser6ShowCallsFromCall browser 6 show calls to
CallBrowser7ShowCallsFromCall browser 7 show calls to
CallBrowser8ShowCallsFromCall browser 8 show calls to
CallBrowser9ShowCallsFromCall browser 9 show calls to
CallBrowser10ShowCallsFromCall browser 10 show calls from
CallBrowser11ShowCallsFromCall browser 11 show calls from
CallBrowser12ShowCallsFromCall browser 12 show calls from
CallBrowser13ShowCallsFromCall browser 13 show calls from
CallBrowser14ShowCallsFromCall browser 14 show calls from
CallBrowser15ShowCallsFromCall browser 15 show calls from
CallBrowser16ShowCallsFromCall browser 16 settings
CallBrowser1ShowFullNamesCall browser 1 show full names
CallBrowser2ShowFullNamesCall browser 2 sort by access
CallBrowser3ShowFullNamesCall browser 3 sort by access
CallBrowser4ShowFullNamesCall browser 4 sort by access
CallBrowser5ShowFullNamesCall browser 5 sort by access
CallBrowser6ShowFullNamesCall browser 6 sort by access
CallBrowser7ShowFullNamesCall browser 7 sort by access
CallBrowser8ShowFullNamesCall browser 8 sort by access
CallBrowser9ShowFullNamesCall browser 9 sort by access
CallBrowser10ShowFullNamesCall browser 10 show full names
CallBrowser11ShowFullNamesCall browser 11 show full names
CallBrowser12ShowFullNamesCall browser 12 show full names
CallBrowser13ShowFullNamesCall browser 13 show full names
CallBrowser14ShowFullNamesCall browser 14 show full names
CallBrowser15ShowFullNamesCall browser 15 show full names
CallBrowser16ShowFullNamesCall browser 16 show calls to
CallBrowser1SettingsCall browser 1 settings
CallBrowser2SettingsCall browser 2 show calls from
CallBrowser3SettingsCall browser 3 show calls from
CallBrowser4SettingsCall browser 4 show calls from
CallBrowser5SettingsCall browser 5 show calls from
CallBrowser6SettingsCall browser 6 show calls from
CallBrowser7SettingsCall browser 7 show calls from
CallBrowser8SettingsCall browser 8 show calls from
CallBrowser9SettingsCall browser 9 show calls from
CallBrowser10SettingsCall browser 10 settings
CallBrowser11SettingsCall browser 11 settings
CallBrowser12SettingsCall browser 12 settings
CallBrowser13SettingsCall browser 13 settings
CallBrowser14SettingsCall browser 14 settings
CallBrowser15SettingsCall browser 15 settings
CallBrowser16SettingsCall browser 16 search combo list
CallBrowser1SortAlphaCall browser 1 refresh
CallBrowser2SortAlphaCall browser 2 search
CallBrowser3SortAlphaCall browser 3 search
CallBrowser4SortAlphaCall browser 4 search
CallBrowser5SortAlphaCall browser 5 search
CallBrowser6SortAlphaCall browser 6 search
CallBrowser7SortAlphaCall browser 7 search
CallBrowser8SortAlphaCall browser 8 search
CallBrowser9SortAlphaCall browser 9 search
CallBrowser10SortAlphaCall browser 10 sort alphabetically
CallBrowser11SortAlphaCall browser 11 sort alphabetically
CallBrowser12SortAlphaCall browser 12 sort alphabetically
CallBrowser13SortAlphaCall browser 13 sort alphabetically
CallBrowser14SortAlphaCall browser 14 sort alphabetically
CallBrowser15SortAlphaCall browser 15 sort alphabetically
CallBrowser16SortAlphaCall browser 16 sort by access
CallBrowser1SortAccessCall browser 1 sort by access
CallBrowser2SortAccessCall browser 2 refresh
CallBrowser3SortAccessCall browser 3 refresh
CallBrowser4SortAccessCall browser 4 refresh
CallBrowser5SortAccessCall browser 5 refresh
CallBrowser6SortAccessCall browser 6 refresh
CallBrowser7SortAccessCall browser 7 refresh
CallBrowser8SortAccessCall browser 8 refresh
CallBrowser9SortAccessCall browser 9 refresh
CallBrowser10SortAccessCall browser 10 sort by access
CallBrowser11SortAccessCall browser 11 sort by access
CallBrowser12SortAccessCall browser 12 sort by access
CallBrowser13SortAccessCall browser 13 sort by access
CallBrowser14SortAccessCall browser 14 sort by access
CallBrowser15SortAccessCall browser 15 sort by access
CallBrowser16SortAccessCall browser 16 show full names
ShowCallBrowserShow call browser
CallBrowser1Call browser 1
CallBrowser2Call browser 2 refresh
CallBrowser3Call browser 3 refresh
CallBrowser4Call browser 4 refresh
CallBrowser5Call browser 5 refresh
CallBrowser6Call browser 6 refresh
CallBrowser7Call browser 7 refresh
CallBrowser8Call browser 8 refresh
CallBrowser9Call browser 9 refresh
CallBrowser10Call browser 10
CallBrowser11Call browser 11
CallBrowser12Call browser 12
CallBrowser13Call browser 13
CallBrowser14Call browser 14
CallBrowser15Call browser 15
CallBrowser16Call browser 15
CallBrowser17Call browser 17
GlobalUndoGlobal Undo
GlobalRedoGlobal Re-do
CallBrowserShowCallsFromCmdCall browser show calls from command
CallBrowserShowNewCallsToCmdCall browser show new calls to command
CallBrowserShowNewCallsFromCmdCall browser show new calls from command
CallBrowser1SearchCall browser 1 search
CallBrowser2SearchCall browser 2 search combo
CallBrowser3SearchCall browser 3 search combo
CallBrowser4SearchCall browser 4 search combo
CallBrowser5SearchCall browser 5 search combo
CallBrowser6SearchCall browser 6 search combo
CallBrowser7SearchCall browser 7 search combo
CallBrowser8SearchCall browser 8 search combo
CallBrowser9SearchCall browser 9 search combo
CallBrowser10SearchCall browser 10 search
CallBrowser11SearchCall browser 11 search
CallBrowser12SearchCall browser 12 search
CallBrowser13SearchCall browser 13 search
CallBrowser14SearchCall browser 14 search
CallBrowser15SearchCall browser 15 search
CallBrowser16SearchCall browser 16 refresh
CallBrowser1RefreshCall browser 1 refresh
CallBrowser2RefreshCall browser 2 search
CallBrowser3RefreshCall browser 3 search
CallBrowser4RefreshCall browser 4 search
CallBrowser5RefreshCall browser 5 search
CallBrowser6RefreshCall browser 6 search
CallBrowser7RefreshCall browser 7 search
CallBrowser8RefreshCall browser 8 search
CallBrowser9RefreshCall browser 9 search
CallBrowser10RefreshCall browser 10 refresh
CallBrowser11RefreshCall browser 11 refresh
CallBrowser12RefreshCall browser 12 refresh
CallBrowser13RefreshCall browser 13 refresh
CallBrowser14RefreshCall browser 14 refresh
CallBrowser15RefreshCall browser 15 refresh
CallBrowser16RefreshCall browser 16
CallBrowser1SearchComboCall browser 1 search combo
CallBrowser2SearchComboCall browser 2 search combo list
CallBrowser3SearchComboCall browser 3 search combo list
CallBrowser4SearchComboCall browser 4 search combo list
CallBrowser5SearchComboCall browser 5 search combo list
CallBrowser6SearchComboCall browser 6 settings
CallBrowser7SearchComboCall browser 7 search combo list
CallBrowser8SearchComboCall browser 8 search combo list
CallBrowser9SearchComboCall browser 9 search combo list
CallBrowser10SearchComboCall browser 10 search combo
CallBrowser11SearchComboCall browser 11 search combo
CallBrowser12SearchComboCall browser 12 search combo
CallBrowser13SearchComboCall browser 13 search combo
CallBrowser14SearchComboCall browser 14 search combo
CallBrowser15SearchComboCall browser 15 search combo
CallBrowser16SearchComboCall browser 16 search
TaskListProviderComboTask list provider combo
TaskListProviderComboListTask list provider combo list
CreateUserTaskCreate user task
ErrorListShowErrorsError list show errors
ErrorListShowWarningsError list show warnings
ErrorListShowMessagesError list show messages
CallBrowser1SearchComboListCall browser 1 search combo list
CallBrowser2SearchComboListCall browser 2 settings
CallBrowser3SearchComboListCall browser 3 settings
CallBrowser4SearchComboListCall browser 4 settings
CallBrowser5SearchComboListCall browser 5 settings
CallBrowser6SearchComboListCall browser 6 search combo list
CallBrowser7SearchComboListCall browser 7 settings
CallBrowser8SearchComboListCall browser 8 settings
CallBrowser9SearchComboListCall browser 9 settings
CallBrowser10SearchComboListCall browser 10 search combo list
CallBrowser11SearchComboListCall browser 11 search combo list
CallBrowser12SearchComboListCall browser 12 search combo list
CallBrowser13SearchComboListCall browser 13 search combo list
CallBrowser14SearchComboListCall browser 14 search combo list
CallBrowser15SearchComboListCall browser 15 search combo list
CallBrowser16SearchComboListCall browser 16 search combo
SnippetPropSnippet property
SnippetRefSnippet reference
SnippetReplSnippet replace
StartPageStart page
EditorLineFirstColumnEditor line first column
EditorLineFirstColumnExtendEditor line first column extended
SEServerExplorerSE Server Explorer
SEDataExplorerSE Data explorer
ECMD_UPDATEMGDRESEditor command: Update managed resources
ECMD_PROJTOOLORDEREditor command: Project tool order
ECMD_PROJECTTOOLFILESEditor command: Project tool files
ECMD_OTB_PGO_INSTRUMENTEditor command: Object test bench / Profile guided optimization instrument
ECMD_OTB_PGO_OPTEditor command: Object test bench / Profile guided optimization optimize
ECMD_OTB_PGO_UPDATEEditor command: Object test bench / Profile guided optimization update
ECMD_OTB_PGO_RUNSCENARIOEditor command: Object test bench / Profile guided optimization run scenario
ECMD_ADDMASTERPAGEEditor command: Add master page
ECMD_ADDCONTENTPAGEEditor command: Add content page
ECMD_ADDSTYLESHEETEditor command: Add stylesheet
ECMD_SETBROWSELOCATIONEditor command: Set browse location
ECMD_REFRESHFOLDEREditor command: Refresh folder
ECMD_SETBROWSELOCATIONCTXEditor command: Set browse location control
ECMD_VIEWMARKUPEditor command: View markup
ECMD_NEXTMETHODEditor command: Next method
ECMD_PREVMETHODEditor command: Previous method
ECMD_RENAMESYMBOLEditor command: Rename symbol
ECMD_SHOWREFERENCESEditor command: Show references
ECMD_CREATESNIPPETEditor command: Create snippet
ECMD_CREATEREPLACEMENTEditor command: Create replacement
ECMD_INSERTCOMMENTEditor command: Insert comment
ECMD_VALIDATION_TARGETEditor command: Validation target
ECMD_VALIDATION_TARGET_GET_LISTEditor command: Get validation target list
ECMD_CSS_TARGETEditor command: CSS target
ECMD_CSS_TARGET_GET_LISTEditor command: Get CSS target list
NewDiagramNew diagram
NewTableNew table
NewDBItemNew database item
NewTriggerNew trigger
NewProcedureNew package procedure
NewQueryNew query
RefreshLocalRefresh local
DbAddDataConnectionAdd database data connection
DBDefDBRefDatabase ref
RunCmdRun command
RunOnRun on
NewDBRefNew database reference
SetAsDefSet as definition
CreateCmdFileCreate command file
NewDatabaseNew database
NewUserNew user
NewRoleNew role
ChangeLoginChange login
NewViewNew view
ModifyConnectionModify connection
CopyScriptCopy script
AddSCCAdd source control
RemoveSCCRemove source control
GetLatestGet latest
CheckOutCheck out
CheckInCheck in
UndoCheckOutUndo checkout
AddItemSCCAdd source control item
NewPackageSpecNew package specification
NewPackageBodyNew package body
InsertSQLInsert SQL
RunSelectionRun selection
UpdateScriptUpdate script
NewScriptNew script
NewFunctionNew function
NewTableFunctionNew table function
NewInlineFunctionNew inline function
AddDiagramAdd diagram
AddTableAdd table
AddSynonymAdd synonym
AddViewAdd view
AddProcedureAdd procedure
AddFunctionAdd function
AddTableFunctionAdd table function
AddInlineFunctionAdd inline function
AddPkgSpecAdd package specification
AddPkgBodyAdd package body
AddTriggerAdd Trigger
ExportDataExport data
DbnsVcsAddDatabase version control add
DbnsVcsRemoveDatabase version control remove
DbnsVcsCheckoutDatabase version control checkout
DbnsVcsUndoCheckoutDatabase version control undo checkout
DbnsVcsCheckinDatabase version control checkin
SERetrieveDataSE retrieve data
SEEditTextObjectSE edit text object
DesignSQLBlockDesign SQL block
RegisterSQLInstanceRegister SQL instance
UnregisterSQLInstanceUnregister SQL instance
CommandWindowSaveScriptCommand window save script
CommandWindowRunScriptCommand window run script
CommandWindowCursorUpCommand window cursor up
CommandWindowCursorDownCommand window cursor down
CommandWindowCursorLeftCommand window cursor left
CommandWindowCursorRightCommand window cursor right
CommandWindowHistoryUpCommand window history up
CommandWindowHistoryDownCommand window history down

In most cases the format is label, then description of the command.