VCRuntimeEnumProperty Members
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VCRuntimeEnumProperty Members 

Provides access to runtime enumeration properties.

The following tables list the members exposed by the VCRuntimeEnumProperty type.

  Name Description
Public property Category Sets or gets the category of the object. 
Public property DefaultValue Sets or gets the default value of the property. 
Public property Description Sets or gets the description of the property. 
Public property DisplayName Gets or sets the full name of the VCRuntimeEnumProperty
Public property HelpContext Sets or gets the help context of the property. 
Public property HelpF1Keyword Microsoft Internal Use Only. 
Public property HelpFile Sets or gets the name of the help file for the property 
Public property HelpURL Sets or gets the help URL for the property. 
Public property IsReadOnly Gets or sets a value indicating if the file containing the parent object is read-only. 
Public property Name Gets or sets the name of the VCRuntimeEnumProperty object. 
Public property PropertyPageName Sets or gets the property page for the property. 
Public property Values Gets enumeration values for the property. 

  Name Description
Public method AddValue Adds a value to an enum property.  
Public method RemoveValue Removes a value from an runtime enum property.  
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