VCLibrarianTool Members
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VCLibrarianTool Members 

Exposes the functionality of the LIB tool.

The following tables list the members exposed by the VCLibrarianTool type.

  Name Description
Public property AdditionalDependencies Gets or sets additional, configuration-specific items to add to the link line, such as comdlg32.lib or kernel32.lib. 
Public property AdditionalLibraryDirectories Gets or sets one or more additional paths (configuration specific) to search for libraries. 
Public property AdditionalOptions Gets or sets options to add to the end of the command line immediately before the file name(s). An example is if an option is not supported in the object model. 
Public property ExecutionBucket Microsoft Internal Use Only. 
Public property ExportNamedFunctions Gets or sets the exported names of one or more specified functions. 
Public property ForceSymbolReferences Gets or sets the linker or librarian to include a reference to this symbol. 
Public property IgnoreAllDefaultLibraries Gets or sets a value indicating whether the linker or librarian ignores all default libraries. 
Public property IgnoreDefaultLibraryNames Gets or sets a value indicating one or more default libraries to ignore. 
Public property Inputs Gets the input files. 
Public property LinkLibraryDependencies Gets or set whether the dependent project outputs are linked. 
Public property LinkTimeCodeGeneration Gets or sets a value indicating whether link time code generation of objects compiled with /GL
Public property ModuleDefinitionFile Gets or sets a value indicating the specified module definition file during executable creation. 
Public property OutputFile Gets or sets the default output file name; the default is based on the first .lib or .obj name on the command line. 
Public property SuppressStartupBanner Gets or sets a value that suppresses the display of the startup banner and information messages. 
Public property ToolKind Gets the name of the kind of tool this is. 
Public property toolName Gets the name of the specified tool. 
Public property ToolPath Gets the path to the specified tool. 
Public property UseUnicodeResponseFiles Gets or sets a value indicating whether a linker or compiler can use a unicode response file. 
Public property VCProjectEngine Gets a pointer to the project engine. 

  Name Description
Public method get_PropertyOption Microsoft Internal Use Only.  
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