This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

VCFileConfiguration.OutputUpToDate Property

Gets a value indicating whether the output of the specified file is up to date.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProjectEngine
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProjectEngine (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProjectEngine.dll)

bool OutputUpToDate { get; }

Property Value

Type: System.Boolean
true if the output is up to date; otherwise, false.

See How to: Compile Example Code for Project Model Extensibility for information about how to compile and run this example.

' Add a reference to Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProjectEngine and have a 
' Visual C++ project loaded before running this example.
Imports EnvDTE
Imports Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProjectEngine
Public Module Module1
Sub Test()
        Dim file, file2 As VCFile
        Dim col As IVCCollection
        Dim fileconfig As VCFileConfiguration
        Dim prj As VCProject
        prj = DTE.Solution.Projects.Item(1).Object
        col = prj.Files
        file = col.Item(1)
        col = file.FileConfigurations
        fileconfig = col.Item("Debug|Win32")
        MsgBox("Output file up-to-date? " & _
    End Sub
End Module