This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProject Namespace

Public classvcContextGuidsContains context GUIDs, each of which represents a given IDE state, such as if a Visual C++ project is open, or the Visual C++ editor is open. This enumeration is passed as an argument to AddNamedCommand and AddNamedCommand2.
Public classvcprojCATIDSUsed to identify items returned via DTE automation methods.

Public interfaceIVCBuildOptionsPageAutomation interface for VC++Project Settings page.
Public interfaceVCDirectoriesProvides a mechanism to set and query project directories.
Public interfaceVCFileConfigurationPropertiesContains build information about a file.
Public interfaceVCProjectConfigurationPropertiesContains the properties of the project configuration.

Public enumerationcharSetUsed by the CharacterSet property.
Public enumerationcompileAsManagedOptionsUsed by the CompileAsManaged property.
Public enumerationConfigurationTypesUsed by the ConfigurationType property.
Public enumerationRemoteDebuggerTypeUsed by the Remote property.
Public enumerationsolutionExplorerModeUsed to set the default mode for Visual C++ projects in Solution Explorer.
Public enumerationTypeOfDebuggerSpecifies the debugger type to use.
Public enumerationuseOfATLSpecifies whether the ATL project will statically or dynamically link to the ATL .dll.
Public enumerationuseOfMfcSpecifies whether the MFC project will statically or dynamically link to the MFC DLL.
Public enumerationWholeProgramOptimizationTypesSpecifies that the program will be optimized across object boundaries.