Microsoft.VisualStudio.Uml.Deployments Namespace


Deployment objects can be used to define the assignment of software artifacts to execution environments. In Visual Studio Ultimate, deployment objects are used to link artifacts to use cases. For more information, see UML Use Case Diagrams: Reference and UML Use Case Diagrams: Guidelines. For more information about the UML API, see Extend UML models and diagrams.


A reference to a diagram or to a specification document related to the model.


An artifact that has been deployed to a DeploymentTarget.


The allocation of an artifact or artifact instance to a DeploymentTarget.


A location in which a DeployedArtifact can be deployed.


An abstraction relationship between an artifact and a model element such as a component, that the artifact carries or uses.

The types and properties defined in this namespace correspond to those defined in the UML Specification. In addition, extension methods are defined on many of the types in this namespace. For more information, see Microsoft.VisualStudio.ArchitectureTools.Extensibility.Uml.

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