Microsoft.VisualStudio.Uml.CompositeStructures Namespace

Composite structures are descriptions of how an instance of one type, typically IComponent, is made up of interconnected parts. For more information about component modeling in Visual Studio Ultimate, see UML Component Diagrams: Reference and UML Component Diagrams: Guidelines. For more information about the UML API, see Extending UML Models and Diagrams.

The types and properties defined in this namespace correspond to those defined in the UML Specification. In addition, extension methods are defined on many of the types in this namespace. For more information, see Microsoft.VisualStudio.ArchitectureTools.Extensibility.Uml.

  Interface Description
Public interface IConnectableElement Specifies the type of object that can play a role in a connected set of parts of a larger object, which is usually a component.
Public interface IConnector A relationship between the parts and ports of a Component.
Public interface IConnectorEnd Represents the link between a Connector and a connectable element. Each Connector has at least two ConnectorEnds.
Public interface IEncapsulatedClassifier Objects that can own ports as type-checked interaction points.
Public interface IPort A property that specifies a distinct interaction point between an object and its environment or its internal parts.
Public interface IStructuredClassifier Objects whose behavior can be fully or partly described by the collaboration of owned or referenced instances, such as Components.