Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Applications.ProgrammingModel.Interop Namespace

The Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Applications.ProgrammingModel.Interop namespace contains classes that represent the host application and application objects for which you are providing end-user customization.

Public interfaceICancelEventArgsEnables client code to cancel an event that is raised by the host.
Public interfaceIChangedEventArgsProvides a COM-compatible interface for a Changed object that is associated with a Changed event.
Public interfaceIVstaHostItemProvides properties and events to change a HostItem.
Public interfaceIVstaHostItemEventsProvides methods that enable subscribing to events generated by the host item.
Public interfaceIVstaHostObjectProvides methods to change a HostObject.
Public interfaceIVstaHostObjectCollectionProvides methods and properties to change a HostObjectCollection of the host objects for a specific HostItem.
Public interfaceIVstaIdentifierCollectionProvides methods for manipulating an IdentifierCollection of the host items and host objects in the current project.
Public interfaceIVstaIdentifierUtilityProvides methods to change an IdentifierUtility object.

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