This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Used to communicate user preferences with the text manager, views, and language services. View settings follow the text manager's settings unless a specific set of forced settings are specified when Initialize is called.

The following tables list the members exposed by the LANGPREFERENCES2 type.

  Name Description
Public field fAutoListMembers Determines whether a proposed list of members is produced on the fly. 
Public field fAutoListParams Determines whether a proposed list of parameters is produced on the fly. 
Public field fCutCopyBlanks Determines of blanks are included in cut/copy on a blank line. 
Public field fDropdownBar Determines whether language services support the dropdown or navigation bar. 
Public field fHideAdvancedAutoListMembers Hide advanced members. This parameter is irrelevant if the fAutoListMembers parameter is set to false
Public field fHotURLs Allows for single-click URL navigation. 
Public field fInsertTabs Determines whether the tab character or spaces are inserted for a tab. 
Public field fLineNumbers Determines whether line numbers are shown in the selection margin. 
Public field fShowCompletion Determines whether statement completion is set through the user interface. 
Public field fShowSmartIndent Determines whether the smart indent option is set through the user interface. 
Public field fTwoWayTreeview Determines whether the tree view is shown. 
Public field fVirtualSpace Determines whether virtual space navigation and selection are allowed. 
Public field fWordWrap Determines whether word wrap occurs. 
Public field fWordWrapGlyphs Specifies if a glyph should be shown to indicate a wrapped line. 
Public field guidLang Specifies the Language service GUID. 
Public field IndentStyle Specifies no indenting, block indenting, or smart indenting. 
Public field szFileType Specifies the file type. 
Public field uIndentSize Limit of MAX_EDITOR_TAB_SIZE. 
Public field uTabSize Limit of MAX_EDITOR_TAB_SIZE. 

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