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IVsEnumHiddenRegions.Next Method

Retrieves a specified number of hidden regions in the enumeration sequence.

Namespace: Microsoft.VisualStudio.TextManager.Interop
Assembly: Microsoft.VisualStudio.TextManager.Interop (in microsoft.visualstudio.textmanager.interop.dll)

int Next (
	[InAttribute] uint cEl,
	[OutAttribute] IVsHiddenRegion[] ppOut,
	out uint pcElFetched
int Next (
	/** @attribute InAttribute() */ UInt32 cEl, 
	/** @attribute OutAttribute() */ IVsHiddenRegion[] ppOut, 
	/** @attribute OutAttribute() */ /** @ref */ UInt32 pcElFetched
JScript does not support passing value-type arguments by reference.



[in] The requested number of hidden regions to retrieve.


[out, size_is(cEl)] The list of IVsHiddenRegion objects that have been retrieved.


[out] Pointer to the actual number of hidden regions supplied in ppOut. The caller of this method can set this to a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) if cEl is one.

Return Value

If the method succeeds, it returns S_OK. If it fails, it returns an error code.

COM Signature

From textmgr.idl:


HRESULT IVsEnumHiddenRegions::Next(
   [in] ULONG cEl, [out, size_is(cEl)] IVsHiddenRegion** ppOut,
   [out] ULONG *pcElFetched

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