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__VSFINDRESULT Enumeration
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__VSFINDRESULT Enumeration

Indicates the result of a find or replace operation.

Namespace: Microsoft.VisualStudio.TextManager.Interop
Assembly: Microsoft.VisualStudio.TextManager.Interop (in microsoft.visualstudio.textmanager.interop.dll)

public enum __VSFINDRESULT
public enum __VSFINDRESULT
public enum __VSFINDRESULT

 Member nameDescription
FINDREPLACE_RESULT_EndOfDocDeprecated. Do not use. 
FINDREPLACE_RESULT_EndOfSearchDeprecated. Do not use. 
FINDREPLACE_RESULT_FailedDeprecated. Do not use. 
FINDREPLACE_RESULT_FindInFilesDeprecated. Do not use. 
FINDREPLACE_RESULT_FoundDeprecated. Do not use. 
FINDREPLACE_RESULT_ReplacedDeprecated. Do not use. 
VSFR_AndInterruptSearch was interrupted with ESC/CANCEL. 
VSFR_AndReplaceReturned in combination with Found or NotFound 
VSFR_EndOfDocSearch passed the end of the document 
VSFR_EndOfSearchSearch reached the starting point 
VSFR_ErrorAn error occurred. 
VSFR_FindInFilesA background find in files was started. 
VSFR_FLAGMASKFor internal use only. 
VSFR_FoundText string was found. 
VSFR_NoTargetNo target document was specified or found. 
VSFR_NotFoundText string was not found. 
VSFR_ReplacedText string was found and replaced 

The FINDREPLACE_RESULT_ names are for compatibility only and deprecated. Use the VSFR_ names in all new code.

COM Signature

From textfind.idl:

   VSFR_NotFound     = 0,
   VSFR_Found        = 1,
   VSFR_Replaced     = 2,
   VSFR_EndOfDoc     = 3,
   VSFR_EndOfSearch  = 4,
   VSFR_FindInFiles  = 5,
   VSFR_NoTarget     = 6,
   VSFR_Error        = 7,
   VSFR_AndInterrupt = 0x40000000,
   VSFR_AndReplace   = 0x80000000,
   VSFR_FLAGMASK     = 0xFF000000,

   // The FINDREPLACE_RESULT_ names are for compatability only and deprecated.
   // Use the VSFR_ names in all new code.
   FINDREPLACE_RESULT_Failed      = 0,
   FINDREPLACE_RESULT_Found       = 1,
   FINDREPLACE_RESULT_Replaced    = 2,

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