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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Tagging Namespace

Tagging is a way of adding markers to spans of text in the editor.

For more information about tagging, see the "Tags and Classifiers" section of Inside the Editor. For information about extending and adding tags, see the "Extending Tags" section of Editor Extension Points.

Public classBatchedTagsChangedEventArgsProvides information for the BatchedTagsChanged event.
Public classClassificationTagA tag that represents a classification type. An implementation of IClassificationTag.
Public classErrorTagAn implementation of IErrorTag.
Public classMappingTagSpan<T>The implementation of IMappingTagSpan<T>.
Public classOutliningRegionTagRepresents a tag for outlining regions.
Public classSimpleTagger<T>Provides simple, thread-safe storage of and interaction with tags of the given type.
Public classSpaceNegotiatingAdornmentTagRepresents a tag for a space-negotiating adornment. The tag is used to provide space for positioning the adornment in a view.
Public classTagsChangedEventArgsProvides information about the TagsChanged event.
Public classTagSpan<T>The implementation of ITagSpan<T>.
Public classTagTypeAttributeDeclares the types of tags an ITagger<T> produces.
Public classTextMarkerTagRepresents the text marker tag, which is used to place text marker adornments on a view.
Public classTrackingTagSpan<T>Associates an ITag with a given ITrackingSpan.
Public classUrlTagAn implementation of IUrlTag.

Public interfaceIBufferTagAggregatorFactoryServiceCreates an ITagAggregator<T> for an ITextBuffer.
Public interfaceIClassificationTagA tag that represents a classification type.
Public interfaceIErrorTagRepresents an error, which is used to place squiggle adornments on the view.
Public interfaceIMappingTagSpan<T>Associates an ITag with a specified IMappingSpan.
Public interfaceIOutliningRegionTagProvides a tag for outlining regions.
Public interfaceITagThe base interface of all tags.
Public interfaceITagAggregator<T>Aggregates all the tag providers in a buffer graph for the specified type of tag.
Public interfaceITagger<T>A provider of tags over a buffer.
Public interfaceITaggerProviderCreates an ITagger<T> for a given buffer.
Public interfaceITagSpan<T>Associates an ITag with a given SnapshotSpan.
Public interfaceITextMarkerTagRepresents the text marker tag, which is used to place text marker adornments on a view.
Public interfaceIUrlTagA tag that represents a URL.
Public interfaceIViewTagAggregatorFactoryServiceA service that creates an ITagAggregator<T> for an ITextView.
Public interfaceIViewTaggerProviderCreates an ITagger<T> for a given buffer.

Public enumerationTagAggregatorOptionsRepresents a set of options for aggregating tags.