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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Operations Namespace

Public classTextUndoRedoEventArgsProvides information about the effect of the undo or redo operation for the UndoRedoHappened event.
Public classTextUndoTransactionCompletedEventArgsProvides information for the UndoTransactionCompleted event.

Public structureFindDataRepresents the set of data used in a search by the ITextSearchService.
Public structureTextExtentRepresents the extent of a word.

Public interfaceIEditorOperationsDefines operations relating to the editor.
Public interfaceIEditorOperationsFactoryServiceA service that provides IEditorOperations objects.
Public interfaceIMergeTextUndoTransactionPolicyProvides the merge policy for undo transactions.
Public interfaceITextBufferUndoManagerRegisters the ITextUndoHistory for a text buffer, listens for change events on a text buffer, and adds ITextUndoPrimitive objects to the ITextUndoHistory.
Public interfaceITextBufferUndoManagerProviderProvides an ITextBufferUndoManager for a given ITextBuffer.
Public interfaceITextSearchNavigatorNavigates between search results on an ITextBuffer and performs text replacements.
Public interfaceITextSearchNavigatorFactoryServiceCreates ITextSearchNavigator objects.
Public interfaceITextSearchServiceSearches a ITextSnapshot with different search options.
Public interfaceITextSearchService2Extends ITextSearchService with methods for searching contents of a ITextSnapshot and helper methods for performing replace operations.
Public interfaceITextStructureNavigatorProvides methods to navigate text, such as getting word extents.
Public interfaceITextStructureNavigatorProviderGets an ITextStructureNavigator for a given ITextBuffer.
Public interfaceITextStructureNavigatorSelectorServiceSelects and caches ITextStructureNavigator objects based on content type.
Public interfaceITextUndoHistoryContains undo transactions.
Public interfaceITextUndoHistoryRegistryMaintains the relationship between text buffers and ITextUndoHistory objects.
Public interfaceITextUndoPrimitiveRepresents an atomic operation that knows how to do, undo, and redo itself.
Public interfaceITextUndoTransactionRepresents a container for ITextUndoPrimitive objects.

Public enumerationFindOptionsRepresents the options that are used in a search.
Public enumerationTextUndoHistoryStateProvides information about the state of an ITextUndoHistory.
Public enumerationTextUndoTransactionCompletionResultDescribes the possible results of a transaction completion for an ITextUndoHistory.
Public enumerationUndoTransactionStateHolds the state of the transaction.