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Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Differencing Namespace

Public classDifferenceRepresents a single difference in the set of differences of two lists of elements.
Public classMatchRepresents a range of matches between two sequences as a pair of spans of equal length.

Public structureStringDifferenceOptionsOptions to use in calculating string differences.

Public interfaceIDifferenceCollection<T>Represents a collection of Difference objects.
Public interfaceIDifferenceServiceDetermines the differences between two sequences, based on adding or removing elements (but not translating or copying elements).
Public interfaceIHierarchicalDifferenceCollectionRepresents a difference collection in which the left and right sequences are ITokenizedStringList objects, and each difference may itself contain an IHierarchicalDifferenceCollection.
Public interfaceIHierarchicalStringDifferenceServiceThis service has several shortcut methods that compute differences over strings, snapshots, and spans.
Public interfaceITokenizedStringListA tokenized representation of a string into abutting and non-overlapping segments.

Public delegateContinueProcessingPredicate<T>A predicate used by IDifferenceService to allow callers to stop differencing prematurely.
Public delegateDetermineLocalityCallbackDetermining the locality for a given difference type and left/right strings.

Public enumerationDifferenceTypeThe types of differences.
Public enumerationStringDifferenceTypesA bitwise combination of the enumeration values to use when computing differences with the various methods in IHierarchicalStringDifferenceService.
Public enumerationWordSplitBehaviorBehavior to use while splitting words in string differencing.

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