This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Classification Namespace

Public classClassificationChangedEventArgsProvides information for the ClassificationChanged event.
Public classClassificationFormatDefinitionProvides classification format information for a particular classification type.
Public classClassificationSpanDescribes a region of text classified by an IClassificationType.
Public classClassificationTypeAttributeProvides the name for a logical classification type and the name of a classification type from which it is derived.
Public classClassificationTypeDefinitionDescribes a data-only export for declaring classification types.
Public classEditorFormatDefinitionProvides format information for a particular item.
Public classFormatItemsEventArgsProvides information for the FormatMappingChanged event.
Public classMarkerFormatDefinitionProvides coloring information for text markers.
Public classPriorityRepresents the built-in priorities for a classification format.
Public classUserVisibleAttributeDetermines whether an export should be visible to the user.

Public interfaceIClassificationFormatMapMaps from a IClassificationType to a TextFormattingRunProperties object.
Public interfaceIClassificationFormatMapServiceLooks up a classification format map for a given view.
Public interfaceIClassificationTypeThe logical classification type of a span of text.
Public interfaceIClassificationTypeRegistryServiceThe service that maintains the collection of all known classification types.
Public interfaceIClassifierAssigns IClassificationType objects to the text in a ITextBuffer.
Public interfaceIClassifierAggregatorServiceA service that returns an IClassifier that aggregates and normalizes all IClassifier contributions for a ITextBuffer.
Public interfaceIClassifierProviderCreates a classifier for a given ITextBuffer in the given environment.
Public interfaceIEditorFormatMapMaps from arbitrary keys to a ResourceDictionary.
Public interfaceIEditorFormatMapServiceLooks up a format map for a given view role.
Public interfaceIViewClassifierAggregatorServiceA service that returns an IClassifier that aggregates and normalizes all the classifiers for all the text buffers in the buffer graph of a particular ITextView.